Saturday, December 23


Beginning DECEMBER 27th thru Valentine's Day,
Faire Frou Frou is hosting its bi-annual
Markdowns up to 75% off on select items.
Visit or for a wider variety, visit us at: 13017A Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 (just a bit west of Coldwater Cyn.)

Thursday, December 14

GOLD'n Standard

'Tis the season for gift-giving...and we have found a splendid gift for the person who has it all!
We are proud to present Gold 'N Dulcinea, a specialty brand of handmade drawer sachets that come beautifully wrapped in satin-lined gift boxes.
Each sachet has a custom blended fragrance reflective of its unique design - "from striking florals, exotic fruits, to decadent desserts".
Each sachet is thoughtfully designed using rich fabrics and gorgeous embellishments. Gold 'N Dulcinea has revamped the timeless concept of a sachet by crossing modern luxury with vintage charm.
For example, check out the cute "Button Me Up in Bling" sachet that's made from apple green cashmere and embellished with freshwater pearls and cut crystal beads, and embroidered with the Gold 'N Dulcinea logo and a gold & pearl lapel pin. This piece has the soothing fragrance of violet, gardenia petals, bergamot and rich plum...YUM!
There are also the less 'girly' scents such as the "Smoldering Satin" knotted silk sachet with the fragrance of rich black fig, warm english tea and vanilla.
There are currently 10 designs/fragrances available, all of which can be found at the Gold 'N Dulcinea website. You can also purchase select styles exclusively online at

Tuesday, November 14

Chantal Thomass...coming soon to Los Angeles!!!

We are SO excited to announce that Chantal Thomass lingerie will be arriving at Faire Frou Frou this Spring! This classic French line has long been sought out by our boutique, but Chantal was only selling a 'difusion' (or lower pricepoint) line at Victoria's Secret flagship stores in the U.S. (in addition to Europe). Now the brand is expanding to specialty lingerie boutiques in the U.S., which includes Faire Frou Frou! We have a strong feeling that not too many stores will be carrying this fact, we only know of one other shop in the country that picked it up! Nonetheless, we ordered the Spring 2007 collection this week and saw plenty of frou-frou, frilly, and sexy pieces. Quite a few groups included polka dot patterns which we LOVE, and certainly ordered. We are unable to post the pictures of the new collections just yet, but just take our word that you will love it. Other than the polka dots, we also loved the high-waisted cincher briefs...what that means is that the brief covers you almost up to your waist, with a cinching or corset type of effect of slimming your waistline.
10 new groups will come out this Spring, along with their lovely hosiery line and accessories. We love exciting lines like this that define the look of Faire Frou Frou. Expect to see the new group in our store around late February/March 2007. (all photos courtesy of Chantal Thomass & Ellen von Unwerth).

Saturday, November 4

If it's Good Enough for Posh Spice...

The new must-have line arriving at Faire Frou Frou, and launching in the U.S., is Madame V. This brand is all about frou-frou, frilly, sexy lingerie that's quite fun and unique. For example, Madame V is launching its "Fantasy Gift Case" which is beautiful black box tied in ribbon that contains a themed dress-up outfit, accessories and instructions! Attached are images of the 3 themes you can purchase; naughty office worker, french maid and burlesque siren. The boxes are packaged beautifully in one of Madame V's black logo cases. We will be carrying these cases in Faire Frou Frou for the holiday season and know it will be a huge success...and the price is just right!
The ladies pictured in this post are the faces behind Madame V. The lady in the red dress is the London-based designer, who I met and initially thought was the lingerie model for the event they were hosting! The ladies hosted a suite at the lovely Chateau Marmont in LA and served glasses of pink champagne and huge pink cupcakes from Sweet Lady Jane bakery. Their room was decorated like a 1940s boudoir and had rolling racks filled with the Spring 2007 collection. I learned of their growing celebrity clientele, which includes Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice)...and Posh is shown wearing one of their gorgeous kimono robes in her book "That Extra Half an Inch". We will be stocking that kimono in our store for the Holiday season as well.
Madame V was recently honored as one of the top names in style in the U.K. along with Agent Provocateur.
The bulk of goods for Faire Frou Frou will be delivered to the store in February 2007. It includes designs that are both girly, youthful & fun as well as sophisticated & glamourous. We can't wait for you to see it too! Keep checking back with us!

Wednesday, November 1

Ooh la la Myla

We have received our Fall shipment from Myla and love, love, love it! This collection really is the most fun (or outrageous) of the brands we currently carry...and if you like what you see with this group you will really enjoy our Madame V collection arriving in 2007 (a separate brand, also from England).
The new Myla group is cheeky, fun and chic...just as lovely as ever! Straight from the U.K., this luxe line pulls out all of the bells and whistles - from feather trims, sheer mousseline silks to open (or crotchless) panties. We know it will be a hit this holiday season, especially with our male clientele, who typically prefer more daring ensembles for their ladies. The full collection is available at our Studio City store, but we are continuously adding items to our online shop as well.

Smart Sassy Pants!

Looking for a cute gift idea...that's less than $30? The 'Smart Ass' thongs have received quite a response at our store - each of the thongs sporting a sassy little saying across the back. These silky, second-skin thongs come in a variety of categories ranging from bridal and mother-to-be, to witty and sarcastic. They are packaged just as you see in the photos, and are sized S/M and M/L.

Desperate Housewives - part 2

Since we last posted, another Faire Frou Frou ensemble has been seen on Desperate Housewives! It's the Fifi Chachnil padded bra, garter belt and brief that's pink with a "Dentelle Anglaise" (English lace) overlay. Eva Longoria's character wore this look for one of her scenes.
Of course you can purchase this look at Faire Frou Frou.

Saturday, October 21

Desperate Housewives Shops at Our Boutique

"Desperate Housewives" is a hit show, no doubt...and we like to think that part of its success is due to the luscious lingerie we often see. At Faire Frou Frou we have been fortunate to work with costumer Cate Adair (and her team), and dress both Nicolette Sheridan and Eva Longoria's characters.
On recent episodes Nicolette was seen wearing a Rosamosario grecian nightgown. This gorgeous piece, handmade in Italy, sells exclusively at our store. In the same episode, her character also wore a pair of super fine pima cotton Skin loungepants.
Eva Longoria's character was recently seen wearing a white silk & black lace Fifi Chachnil bra and panty, which is also available for sale in peach.
Up-coming episodes should feature some beautiful lingerie from C. Gilson, so we're excited to see that!
As a side note, the costumers also work with the wonderful ladies behind the brand Spoylt. We also carry a selection of Spoylt, which is a luxury lingerie brand that is reasonably priced (for high-end, that is!).

Friday, October 20

Genlux Magazine...focus on luxury

Genlux Magazine is a sophisticated, yet approachable magazine about fashion and shopping. The one-year-old publication focuses on the posh LA shopping scene with regular mentions on famed boutiques such as Tracey Ross, Satine, Fred Segal, and so forth.
For the Fall Fashion issue, the magazine was so kind as to do a 6-item lookbook on Faire Frou Frou. Items from Carine Gilson, Guia la Bruna, Fleur T, Skin and Vera Wang were modeled, and all items have since been posted for purchase on Faire Frou Frou's website.
I have quite a few customers who are discovering Genlux for the first time, and I typically describe this magazine to them as being a bit like "C Magazine" in its high-end large glossy format, but with more focus on clothing and shopping. And for those customers who are unfamiliar with "C Magazine", it's a gorgeous publication about California lifestyles that's worth snatching up right away!

What is that lovely scent??

Customers of Faire Frou Frou tend to share one common question...What is that lovely scent in your store? Well, the big secret (okay, it was never a secret) is out: Diptyque Room Spray. Or at least, it's that in combination with our kai candles and Calypso fragrances that we sell. In any event, I typically use the Tuberose scent, whereas my mom comes to the store and uses the Geranium Rosa. I just overdid it with spraying a bit too much fragrance around the shop, and now I have a headache and feel naucious, but I digress.
I order my Diptyque fragrances from Bergdorf Goodman (no sales tax!!), and just recently worked over the phone with a lovely sales associate, Marina, from the Diptyque San Francisco store. She persuaded me to try their signature shampoo which I had no idea about until yesterday. I purchased Eau d'Elide...I can't wait to wash my hair with it tomorrow morning!

Alice & Astrid - Luxury Loungewear

Alice & Astrid is an adorable brand from London that has won over the hearts of us at Faire Frou Frou. Just recently we received our Fall collection and simply love the beautiful night dress and baby alpaca wool sweater (shown left). In fact, we've gone crazy over the Sweater and the Gauze Shrug that it's on almost every display in our store!!!! Heck, I'm wearing mine as I write this! Needless to say, I would be wearing the long satin gown if I weren't at work this very moment.
Alice & Astrid really is a sweet, adorable line (with a very kind sales rep that I work with) that specializes in creating their own prints and using an old fabric-dying process done in India using the sun to saturate the colors. This brand comes out with 2 collections per year, and you can find a sampling of their goods on Faire Frou Frou.

Thursday, October 19

We are SO EXCITED to announce...

...The coming of the new Faire Frou Frou lingerie line! We have started with a few pieces based on our customer favorites, and we couldn't be happier! Believe me, when the products and our promotion materials are ready, you will know all about it. Our line is fun, frou-frou and fabulous!!! Keep checking back with us...

Sparkle Plenty with Sydney Evan!

Just when we thought we were done with our Fall shopping, we came across these incredible bracelets from Sydney Evan. Each bracelet is made with beads of wood, coral, turquoise, chrysophase, bone or tigers eye. Once you select the bead, you then have a great variety of diamond pendants to choose from. Available in either white or yellow gold, you can get a pendant that's an anchor, ohm sign, hamsa (hand), snake, feather or swirl (to name a few). Keep in mind, the bracelets and pendants are not sold get the combo as selected by the vendor.
These adorable bracelets look best worn layered...wearing 2 or 3 at a time creates a nice look. I've seen Nicole Richie wearing these (along with her famous CC Skye bracelets) and it's tres chic!
FYI - we just saw these bracelets in the Christmas catalogue for a major luxury department store and notice that they are selling the same bracelets for $75-$100 more than our keep in mind the good deal you're getting at Faire Frou Frou!!!
Purchase yours online at

Best of Intima - Best Lingerie Boutique!

Faire Frou Frou wins award for Best 'European Flair' Lingerie Boutique in North America for 2006. Awarded by Intima Magazine, Faire Frou Frou was selected as one of 400 stores to win this honor. The Best of Intima event is hosted annually in NYC during the Lingerie Americas tradeshow week. Faire Frou Frou was honored due to its unique selection of brands originating from Europe, and its Parisian flair in its name, decor and inventory. Gail and Alison have their trophy on display in the store, and are proudly announcing the win across their store awning, as shown in the photo. This is a tremendous honor, particularly for a business that has simply one-and-a-half years experience!

Everyone loves a little frou-frou!

We have been pleasantly surprised with the customer response to our Faire Frou Frou and Honeydew ruffle panties! The Faire Frou Frou tutu panties have not officially been launched yet (so more on that at a later date!), but the Honeydew Intimates have been a smash hit. The mesh ruffle panties are wonderfully priced and come in a variety of color combinations and patterns (as shown in the photo). Our favorite has been the white ruffle panty with the tiny pink hearts pattern - sooo cute!
Some customers ask whether they could wear these panties under their jeans - I'm not going to suggest that. I usually wear mine with a wrap dress or a skirt that isn't too clingy. They are so fun to wear...we will so launch the full collection on We'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, August 15

Go Glam in Guia la Bruna!

If you're a glamour-puss like us girls at Faire Frou Frou, then it's time to make Guia la Bruna part of your wardrobe. Based in Italy, the Fall collection for this deliciously decadent brand has just arrived at Faire Frou Frou.
We went wild over the silk bra and panty set (we got the smaller brief style rather than what you see here)'s a collection you must experience in person! The bra is a work of's constructed from satin silk with black velvet trim and lined in a ultra delicate black cashmere!!! Can you believe it, a cashmere-lined bra! I have died and gone to heaven! The matching panties are equally luxe.
Also pictured is another piece we went crazy over, which is the "Crazy Dots" babydoll camisole and panties. This is made from a chocolate silk chiffon (with pink"crazy" dots!) and is lined with a soft pink sequin trim along the straps and cleavage...and it ties together on the sides with 2 rows of pink satin ribbon. Again, you need to see this in person to truly appreciate how incredible it is. We actually selected this very piece to appear in a runway photo shoot we are doing with GENLUX magazine, coming out this Fall. This is the first collection of Guia that we're carrying, and we recently saw the Spring 2007 collection which is equally impressive (but I can't show you the pictures just yet!).

Monday, July 10

Item We're Excited About!

It won't be long before the Fall lingerie collections hit the shelves, and one of the items we're excited about receiving is the little number shown here by ID Sarrieri. It's feminine, flirty and frou-frou! We love it!
Other brands that will be stocked at Faire Frou Frou for Fall 2006 are Guia la Bruna, Gentry de Paris, Andres Sarda, Myla, new angora sweaters from Fifi Chachnil and your usual favorites! Plus, we have some incredible new lines already cooking for Cruise 2006 (which is December)...let's just say you will be pleased with who we've found! But we need to be hush-hush for now...
Keep checking in with us here, or visit Faire Frou Frou.

New Must-Have Brand: Lavande-SWK

The new lingerie line you need to know about is "Lavande SWK". This NEW and beautifully versatile brand, designed by Stacey Walker King, merges the look of lingerie into loungewear and outerwear. Faire Frou Frou will be representing the premier collection of Lavande, and you get a sneak peek with the images above. The larger image shows one of my very favorite's a delicious deep purple sheer crop top that is lined with a satin trim. This item is called "Frances' Bed Jacket" and will be available in stores by August/September when the Fall collections roll out. The black sheer top shown in the smaller picture is called "Ava's Geisha Top" and is actually put to best use if you wear it as outerwear with either a smashing bra from Faire Frou Frou or a plain camisole. And lastly, there is the "Lauryn" Lace Top which is quite unique and beautiful because it covers you in the front like a regular top but it ties into a satin sash in the back and has kind of an open cape effect...just look at the picture to see.
You might notice that all of the Lavande items have a female guess is that the designer dedicated items to all of her friends, apparently which she has plenty of! We're waiting for the "Frou Frou Alison Knicker" to show up one of these days, and that way designer Stacey Walker King will have a follower for life!

Carine Gilson...lingerie to invest in

If you appreciate finely crafted lingerie, then remember this brand: Carine Gilson. Our lovely friend Carine has a studio based in Belgium where her bi-annual collections are designed and handmade.
The details on her work are dazzling...if you are fortunate enough to view the collection in person you will see that the lace applique is hand embroidered, and even the item itself is so beautifully made that it can be worn inside-out and you will not see any frayed edges! Another plus is that each collection comes in the most luscious color selection.
We are always excited to see what's coming next from Carine!

Friday, June 30

Lingerie Fashion Show

One of our favorite lingerie brands, ID Sarrieri, hosted a huge lingerie fashion show in Romania this week. Here are some pictures from the event!
What you see are some of the styles that will be available in stores for Fall/Winter...they've done a great job!

What's great about Sarrieri is that they make a beautiful collection and the prices are not out-of-this-world. It's one of our top selling brands! Keep checking in with Faire Frou Frou to see the new collection for sale online and in our Studio City shop. We expect to receive this group in September 2006. We're so excited!

Thursday, June 29

Celeb Style...Ashlee Simpson

Here's our customer Ashlee Simpson wearing goods purchased at Faire Frou Frou!
The black wool corset is by the lovely "Cadolle" brand...Ashlee's team added a few frills to it, and I was told that they layered a beautiful Vannina Vesperini bra underneath. Too bad no one can see the bra's so pretty!
The bottom pictures show Ashlee in Fifi Chachnil. She's wearing the gingham bra and middle corset, layered with the dotted tulle camisole. The middle corset is supposed to be worn on your torso, but she made it into a type of skirt and added a few ruffles to it.
If you're interested, ALL of this is available for purchase at, with the exception of the Cadolle corset - we're completely sold out of that piece!

In other entertainment/lingerie news, we just did the costuming for a new movie called "Life" - no big details on the movie yet, but we'll keep you posted. We did dress Kate Hudson in a few pieces for "You, Me & Dupree" several months ago, so it should be interesting seeing Faire Frou Frou in action at the movies this July!

Saturday, June 24


You've asked for it, and now it's finally here...the Faire Frou Frou BLOWOUT SALE!

Visit or come to the store at 13017A Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604 to enjoy savings of up to 75% off!

SALE brands include: Cosabella, Mary Green, Calypso, Lotta, Eberjey, Lola C., Fleur T, Vannina Vesperini, Carine Gilson, Myla, Alice & Astrid, Petro Zillia, Leigh Bantivoglio, Khurana, Princesse Tam-Tam, and many more!

Note that the online sale is on NOW, but the Studio City store items go on sale from JULY 1 thru JULY 29th, 2006.
Also note that the Studio City shop has FREE parking in the rear (entrance next to Le Pain Quiotidien).

See you there! And don't forget to visit and shop now!!