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Thursday, October 19

Sparkle Plenty with Sydney Evan!

Just when we thought we were done with our Fall shopping, we came across these incredible bracelets from Sydney Evan. Each bracelet is made with beads of wood, coral, turquoise, chrysophase, bone or tigers eye. Once you select the bead, you then have a great variety of diamond pendants to choose from. Available in either white or yellow gold, you can get a pendant that's an anchor, ohm sign, hamsa (hand), snake, feather or swirl (to name a few). Keep in mind, the bracelets and pendants are not sold get the combo as selected by the vendor.
These adorable bracelets look best worn layered...wearing 2 or 3 at a time creates a nice look. I've seen Nicole Richie wearing these (along with her famous CC Skye bracelets) and it's tres chic!
FYI - we just saw these bracelets in the Christmas catalogue for a major luxury department store and notice that they are selling the same bracelets for $75-$100 more than our keep in mind the good deal you're getting at Faire Frou Frou!!!
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