Thursday, August 30

Homage to Sophia

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Fashion gone rogue, FGR, hanky panky, lingerie

Fashion Gone Rogue, FGR, lingerie

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Lena by Anna Palma in "Homage to Sophia" for FGR, styled by Lauren Austin Wood

It's been a while since we've seen an editorial filled with inspiring lingerie styling!  We're so pleased to share the latest FGR exclusive with you, which is an homage to iconic Italian vixen Sophia Loren.  Not much more than bedhead curls, Wolford thigh highs and a VPL bra come together to create this look.  The earthy tones and moody lighting contribute a wonderful effect as well! 

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Thursday, August 16

Naked Princess: In a Boudoir State of Mind

all images via Naked Princess

We are long overdue sharing one of our favorite brands at Faire Frou Frou, the luxury brand Naked Princess.  Naked Princess is equal parts couture lingerie, luxury loungewear and luxe apothecary.  At our boutique, we are focused on the lingerie and loungewear element, which represents a lifestyle of sophistication and comfortable elegance.  To see the beautiful designs is one thing, but to feel the soft luxe fabric against your skin is quite another!  Many of the items shown are made from a combination of MicroModal and cashmere with trims that include French Darquer lace and Scalloped Italian Pizval lace.  All Naked Princess products are produced in Southern California from materials crafted in France and Italy.  They are designed by women for women, with an emphasis on silhouettes that can be worn either as innerwear or outerwear.  The purpose is for each piece designed by Naked Princess is to be multi-functional, comfortable and luxurious.  All we can say is Mission Accomplished! 
We will be sharing the new Fall 2012 collection soon, which arrives at our boutique in about 2 weeks!  We can't wait to share!  In the meantime, shop the styles above here

We would also like to share that we were recently honored by Naked Princess's Reign Magazine as one of their Women Who Reign.  Click here to read the article and receive our 20% OFF PROMO CODE for all Naked Princess products! 

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Wednesday, August 15

Lingerie & Fashion: Photos by Ewelina Stechnij

images via here, Photographer Ewelina Stechnij, Stylist Alice Wilby

It's been a while since we featured a lingerie editorial on our blog, and luckily the right lingerie in the right images made it our way.  These photos include lingerie from some of our favorite British designers, such as Lascivious, Ayten Gasson and Ell & Cee.  The photos are by Ewelina Stechnij, whose work we are certain you've seen before if you are a fan of our blogs and Lascivious.  Just as a refresher, we will re-post some of her older work on our Tumblr, so check it out here!

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Friday, August 10

Life at Faire Frou Frou (According to Instagram)

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We just got back from a whirlwind trip to NYC and naturally wanted to share our favorites from the week with you!  We really wish we had taken more photos, but the trip was so jam-packed busy that it didn't leave for much time to snap pics and then artfully edit them à la Instagram.  Anyhow, here's a nice sample of some fun times we enjoyed!  We attended Curve NY which is an awesome tradeshow for the intimate apparel industry.  Out of respect for the designers we represent, we are not showing too much of what will be unveiled for S/S2013 (those lingerie gals like to keep things under wraps!!), but we had to take a few photos at the show.  It's no surprise that we will once again be carrying Zinke, Bordelle and Marlies Dekkers in our store next season, so we felt comfortable sharing just a few pics from our visit to their booths.  We did discover several new brands, so expect to see some dazzling new talent at our shop for Spring...but until then, hush-hush! 
We spent A LOT of time at the tradeshow, so it left the tiniest amount of time for the speediest shopping time ever.  We popped by some of our favorite spots on Madison Avenue (Ralph Lauren to play with sunglasses...and then we got in trouble for taking pics!) and naturally Bergdorf Goodman (where we traditionally stop for lunch)!  One of the highlights of our free time was an impromptu meeting of a few friends for dinner.  This fabulous group of lingerie designers & bloggers included the ladies behind Style on the Couch, That Je Ne Sais Quoi, ARI DEIN, Gilda & Pearl, Kriss Soonik and Lascivious
Now it's time for us to write all of our Spring 2013's going to be a busy week ahead!

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Saturday, August 4

The Many Faces of Faire Frou Frou!

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Faire Frou Frou  - Alison's Pinterest page

Gail Rubke, Faire Frou Frou, Pinterest
Faire Frou Frou - Gail's Pinterest page!

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Frou Frou Fashionista Tumblr 

Part of the Faire Frou Frou team will be traveling to NYC these next few days for one of the country's largest lingerie tradeshows, which means we will be spending a short time away from the Frou Frou Fashionista.  Luckily, it's so easy to keep everyone updated via other social media platforms that you will be able to find us actively updating elsewhere.  That being said, we will be updating our Facebook page, along with visual inspiration in the form of our Tumblr, Instagram, and both Alison & Gail's Pinterest pages (an account for both the mother & the daughter).  We definitely plan on taking pictures of some of our favorite lingerie trends for Spring/Summer 2013, so our Instagram will be keeping us busy and you informed! 
As always, you will find our online boutique open 24/7, so the doors at are open & we're waiting for you!

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Thursday, August 2

Making It Work: Lingerie As Outerwear - Gold Hawk Edition

Gold Hawk models showing us the sexier option of How to Wear...

We are pleased to present you with our next installment of Making It Work: Wearing Lingerie as Outerwear.  This week we feature yet another favorite designer, Gold Hawk, which allows for yet another super simple look to transition from lingerie to daywear.  For this post, we included a few gorgeous images of the models wearing Gold Hawk.  When something is presented in such a sexy, bedroom fashion, sometimes it's hard to look beyond how it's marketed to see another use for it.  Perhaps the number one reason we love wearing our Gold Hawk chemises & slips as tops is because it's such a perfect length!  It's super cute & short for the bedroom, but just long enough to cover the hips/rear when you're out & about...a winning combination for us!
The item featured on Faire Frou Frou's Alison is the Sheer Edge Slip in Black.  We brought this item to Faire Frou Frou for Fall 2012 in a few colors, and even brought in a few styles with lace trim.  This could easily be the first of many Gold Hawk posts!  As it is, yesterday on Instagram we made a little demonstration with this satin Gold Hawk chemise (on the hanger and on Alison):
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