Tuesday, August 15

Go Glam in Guia la Bruna!

If you're a glamour-puss like us girls at Faire Frou Frou, then it's time to make Guia la Bruna part of your wardrobe. Based in Italy, the Fall collection for this deliciously decadent brand has just arrived at Faire Frou Frou.
We went wild over the silk bra and panty set (we got the smaller brief style rather than what you see here)...it's a collection you must experience in person! The bra is a work of art...it's constructed from satin silk with black velvet trim and lined in a ultra delicate black cashmere!!! Can you believe it, a cashmere-lined bra! I have died and gone to heaven! The matching panties are equally luxe.
Also pictured is another piece we went crazy over, which is the "Crazy Dots" babydoll camisole and panties. This is made from a chocolate silk chiffon (with pink"crazy" dots!) and is lined with a soft pink sequin trim along the straps and cleavage...and it ties together on the sides with 2 rows of pink satin ribbon. Again, you need to see this in person to truly appreciate how incredible it is. We actually selected this very piece to appear in a runway photo shoot we are doing with GENLUX magazine, coming out this Fall. This is the first collection of Guia that we're carrying, and we recently saw the Spring 2007 collection which is equally impressive (but I can't show you the pictures just yet!).