Monday, June 29

The Pin-Up

Juan Gatti for Vogue Spain

Vogue España and photographer Juan Gatti teamed up to do this adorable Pin-Up photo cute! The digital editing makes the photos appear as though they are paintings, which is a nice touch. Unfortunately, we did not find any credits for the lingerie (we can't read the blurry credits shown on the first page)...and we don't really recognize any of the pieces. Our favorite is the white ruffle bikini set, as shown with the white poodle. Pin-up photography is so adorable, no wonder it's such a classic!

Friday, June 26

Have a Dreamy Weekend!

image by Ellen von Unwerth

We are looking forward to a sunny weekend here in LA - perfect for a bit of relaxation and fun! We hope you enjoy your weekend too! xox

p.s. the Summer SALE continues at Faire Frou Frou...don't forget to check it out!

Bones and Roses - 2 Outfits in 1

Audrey Romper - reversible as shown above & below
Audrey Romper
Marilyn Wrap
Audrey Romper (below) - reversible
Rita Robe (below) - reversible as shown
detail of open sleeve on the Marilyn Wrap
Marilyn Wrap (below) - reversible
images courtesy of Bones and Roses

We are so excited to share our latest new arrival at Faire Frou Frou, a gorgeous line called Bones and Roses. This new line features a colorful array of robes, wraps and rompers made in a lusciously soft silk charmeuse. The moment we first saw these pieces in person, we knew we had to have it! As cute as it may seem in the pictures, it's that much better in person!

The concept of the line is how opposites attract; bones and roses, edgy and feminine, daywear to nightwear, light against dark. Each piece by Bones and Roses is an example of that dichotomy, particularly since each robe/wrap is reversible. You get two outfits in one! We love that!

Probably our favorite piece is the Audrey Romper, but it's really hard to choose one favorite after trying on each style. We love that these pieces are can wear the more dramatic color side at night, and the other side during the day. We have seen the Audrey Romper and the Marilyn Wrap worn as ready-to-wear, and they are amazing.

Bones and Roses is the brainchild of designer Emy Hovanseyan, who was mentored while producing her line by the famous shoe designer Taryn Rose.

The new collection is available here.

Thursday, June 25

Who Needs Pants...When Panties are More Fun?

take the dog for a walk...without pants.

Vogue Paris
Anastasia Barbierie photographed by Walter Pfiefer

Really, what better way to elongate your legs than to just skip wearing pants. Some of the panties we are seeing are too cute, and this is the ultimate way to show them off.
If only we could really think this way, or if only we were Lady Gaga (she is really spearheading this trend). Again, we are seeing a lot of editorial where the model is fully dressed, but simply wearing underwear as a bottom. It's a fun look that we get a kick out of!

Wednesday, June 24

Kiki by Kirsty Doyle

a look from the Kirsty Doyle ready-to-wear line...we want this piece!!

Kiki by Kirsty Doyle loungewear

This is a cute new lingerie line from the UK called Kiki by Kirsty Doyle. It has all the frou-frou one could possibly want; satin, bows, ruffles and brilliant colors! The designer, Kirsty, established her ready-to-wear line in 2006 (after winning Project Catwalk), and is now introducing lingerie into her repertoire. Her style is a modern look with a touch of 70s flair. Currently the Kiki line has 3 groups, one of which is a Bridal collection.
We have been meaning to share this brand with you for a few months, so it's a pleasure to finally show it!

Monday, June 22

Sexy at its Best!

According to our lovely reader NutriGirl, we were informed that this shoot was by Vincent Peters, and that all of the lingerie is Dolce & Gabbana
above images via here

via here
Eva Herzigova for GQ Italy - August 2008

We are just loving these images of Eva Herzigova from the August 2008 issue of GQ Italy. Shot in Ibiza, this shoot seems reminiscent of that iconic scene from From Here to Eternity. The swimwear and lingerie are perfect, as well as the choice for who to model. We're so happy we discovered these, and wanted to share!
Now if only we knew who designed those adorable white panties with the satin bow!

(update: Thank you to NutriGirl for the additional details for this post!!)

Friday, June 19

Corrie Bond photography

above: Corrie Bond for Target

all images via Corrie Bond

We love this photo shoot by Corrie Bond because it shows a realistic look of lounging in sexy lingerie. The reality is that we're not hanging out in garter belts and thigh highs all weekend, but more likely relaxing in a cozy sweater and boyshorts (or flannel pants and a college t-shirt!).
The top image is from a shoot she did for Target - we just love how cute this look is! Granted, this look is not quite as common/everyday as the others that we've posted, but it's sweet nonetheless.
Take a cue from Corrie Bond and relax in your skivvies this weekend!
To see one of our older posts on this photographer, click here.

Tuesday, June 16

Barbie wears Wundervoll!

above images via Wundervoll

image via here
We love that Barbie also has a Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Armchair!! our Louis chair is shown in this post.

It must truly be an honor when a young lingerie company such as Wundervoll is asked to design a special ensemble for Barbie's 50th Anniversary! We are so happy for them! We even love the outfit they designed...but we have to wait until Spring 2010 until it hits stores. As for the Wundervoll Barbie, it will be part of the lingerie exhibit "Barbie Undressed" at BOUDOIR (which is a tradeshow in Germany) and then on view at the Galeries Lafayette from June 16-July 28, 2009.
For those of you unfamiliar with the label, it is a high-quality luxury essentials brand from Germany. Most of their pieces are made from a natural silk jersey and organic cotton. The most complete collection of their designs can be bought here.
Wundervoll has received some wonderful press as of late - congratulations!
By the way, in researching for this post, we discovered that Barbie has her own's pretty cute too (and geared toward more of an adult audience)! Visit it here.

Thank You - Boudoir Edition

One of my little 'santos' statues that I've collected (placed in front of a greeting card)

Chickie getting bored with the photo shoot. By the way, she's a Pomeranian who lost most of her fur due to a genetic disorder.

Just showing that my room isn't as pink as it appeared in the last post! I definitely have fresh flowers in a vase every chance I can...these are from my garden.

A dresser vignette - the St. Germain bottle reminds me of a perfume bottle.

We just wanted to give a special thank you to everyone who so kindly commented on our boudoir makeover! What a great response!
We also wanted to specifically thank those of you who linked to our post:
The City Sage (who just got our room posted on HOUSE BEAUTIFUL!!!!)
Eve's Apples Lingerie Blog (who posted about it before we did!!)
Layers of Meaning
Oh Hello!
even a small credit on Relish Small Pleasures

Also, here's a special thanks to The Daily News and for doing such a nice announcement of our SUMMER SALE!!

The Evolution of Lingerie

courtesy of Wundervoll

The Fashion and Textile Museum in London is currently hosting an exhibit titled "Undercover: The Evolution of Underwear". The show details how lingerie has evolved over the decades, as influenced by politics, trends and society in general. Some of the featured brands at this exhibit include M&S, Triumph, La Perla, Christian Dior, Elle Macpherson, Myla, Wonderbra and Wundervoll (as well as others).
The show is on now through September 27, 2009. Click here for details.