Wednesday, April 30

Dessous by Sophie Simmons - Spring 2008

Now that the weather is heating up, it's the perfect time of year to wear your loungewear as outerwear! That's what we did today, wearing our oh-so-cute Dessous 'chloe' dress (shown here in the last picture in periwinkle).
Dessous, by Sophie Simmons, is one of those great innerwear as outerwear collections that's almost too cute not to wear out. We received a few new pieces for the Spring '08 group, and we are loving the pretty periwinkle color. Each of the pieces has a delicate silk lace applique detailing that creates the signature Dessous look.
All items are made in the USA, and all silk trims are 100% silk.
P.S. - We'd like to give a special thank you to designer Sophie Simmons for the one-of-a-kind sample that she gifted to us - we couldn't be happier!

Tuesday, April 29

Daily Candy post!

We were so pleased to receive another mention on Daily Candy, and this time it is for their Mother's Day shopping guide. They chose exactly what we would recommend for a perfect Mother's Day gift; the Sofia Robe!
This is the perfect line for moms young & old - it's comfy, stylish, sweet and feminine!

Monday, April 28

Douce Collection from Andres Sarda

We've posted quite a few new items to our online boutique from Andres Sarda.
Andres Sarda is a Barcelona-based lingerie brand that specializes in high-end intimate apparel. The Douce collection features designs made from a combination of polka dot silk and eyelash lace trim.
The two color groups we brought into our boutique include the Ivory/Black dot, and the Creme/Lilac dot.
You have options with this collection, as we have the underwire bra and the molded cup versions, as well as thongs and boyshorts for both colors.

Thursday, April 24

More Reasons to Love I.D. Sarrieri!

We are in the process of adding some new I.D. Sarrieri products to our online store, and in the process found some beautiful pictures we wanted to share with you. These images are from an I.D. Sarrieri runway show (likely in 2007).
Just look at how beautiful these pieces are - it's brands like I.D. Sarrieri that really do a great job representing what luxury lingerie looks like. You can tell right away what fine Chantilly lace and satin silk they use.
Some of these runway pieces never made it into the mainstream collection (as far as we know), which is a shame because Faire Frou Frou customers would love to have them!!
Included here is a picture of Iulia Dobrin, the designer of the Romanian lingerie line I.D. Sarrieri, with supermodel Adriana Karembeu at the runway show.

P.S. - Our April/May blog header features an ID Sarrieri set that we do have at Faire Frou Frou (in white Chantilly lace - so pretty!).

Skin Lingerie; Eco-Friendly

In celebration of Earth Day (or Earth Week as they are promoting on NBC), we wanted to post a story on one of our eco-friendly designers Skin Lingerie. Skin is a luxury loungewear line which offers pieces made from 100% organic pima cotton, organic terry cloth and uses 100% organic vegetable dyes for coloring some of its pieces.
We know that 'organic' is a popular buzz word these days, but a lot of people aren't exactly sure what this entails when they purchase a clothing labeled organic. Basically, organic agriculture is a cleaner approach to farming in which farmers use biologically-based rather than chemically-dependent growing systems to raise crops. An interesting fact to note is that each T-shirt made from one hundred percent organic cotton saves one-third of a pound of synthetic fertilizers and farm chemicals! (Source:
Supporting environmentally responsible brands such as Skin is just one of those little steps you can take to protect our beautiful planet! Who knew that you can buy sexy lingerie and save the world all in one shot!

Tuesday, April 22

Bra Size Calculator

Rosamosario bra and panty set

We are constantly measuring our customers in order to determine their 'correct' bra size, but sometimes get frustrated that the size on their measurement does not come close to matching what actually fits. That being said, we're constantly looking for the best bra size calculation.
If you have visited our boutique, odds are that you have seen our method of measurement. But just recently we found a 'bra size calculator' online that will do the math for you AND determine your size in US, UK and European sizing!
Many of you are already aware of the difference in sizing between the US and UK bras, and this website actually provides an International Bra Size Conversion!
You can determine your measurements in the comfort of your own home...calculate your size now!

We just did our own measurement and got a slightly different measurement than what we normally wear... Actually, we did the calculator twice, and got 2 different measurements. Probably because we were inhaling on one take and exhaling on another!

Keep in mind that there is no definitive way to calculate your bra size, and our best advice is to keep an open mind and try on various sizes to see which brand/cut works best for you!

Monday, April 21

Lingerie Eye Candy!

Clockwise L-R: Isla Fisher, Wedding Crashers. Hayden Panettiere, television series Heroes.
Rachael Taylor, Transformers. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Grindhouse.

Just a cute photo montage we found online at Vanity Fair.
I believe we actually provided the pink Fifi Chachnil sweater to the photo shoot with Isla Fisher! We only have the ivory version available at the moment, which is just as cute, if not cuter!
It's always fun to see the sweeter side of lingerie in the form of a vintage pin-up shoot. Eye candy indeed!

Deserving of Special Mention

Every now and then we bring something practical to Faire Frou Frou, because there are simply those occasions which require bras/panties that offer special support & functionality.
In the first of a series of posts about the more practical side of things here at Faire Frou Frou, our first mention goes to one of our best-selling accessories: the "Bring It Up" Smooth and Lift Nipple Covers. We first brought this item in as an experiment to see how customers would respond, and it is overwhelmingly clear that you like this product!
Basically, the Smooth & Lift Nipple Covers are a step-up in functionality from something like the tried & true Low Beams (which simply turns your 'high beams' into 'low beams'). The Smooth & Lift does exactly what it says - it smooths (giving you 'low beams') and also gives you a little perkiness with a subtle lift. This 100% silicon product gives a totally smooth and uplifted look under clothes. The covers are lightly lined with softness not stickiness in the center for maximum nipple coverage and no show-through under form fitting clothing. The great part is that they are reusable and can be worn twenty-five or more times!
For only $29 a pair, these one-size fits most covers have been quite a hit! You will certainly need these for a backless dress, halter neck or strapless outfits - it's a much lighter alternative to wearing a corset!

Our next post will feature an accessory that basically gives you a breast lift, without a bra, and without the surgery! Oh joy!

A Gem in the Lingerie World

We thought we would do a special post on this gorgeous Carine Gilson chemise that was just added to our online store. This piece deserves special mention, as does anything by the talented Ms. Gilson!
For those of you who do not know the brand, Carine Gilson (aka C. Gilson) creates delicates that are handmade in Belgium with the utmost attention to detail; from intricately hand-stitched lace to custom hand-dyed colors. Meticulous care has been taken with regard to the quality, charm and femininity of this line of lingerie.
Whether you wish to wear the Isabel chemise (shown) as outerwear, evening wear or simply gaze adoringly at it as it hangs on your wardrobe door, you're sure to be pleased either way.

Thursday, April 17

Something New to Love!

We just received the 'Suite' collection from the Andres Sarda Spring /Summer collection. It's just lovely, perhaps because the pieces are made from a soft silk tulle/mesh that reminds us of a ballet tutu (we do have a thing for ballet-inspired pieces here!). The beige coloring makes the collection perfect for general use, and the silk mesh feels divine against the skin. Our favorite piece that we are going wild over is the Suite Gathered Thong. As we tried to show in the photo, the thong has a mesh overlay that can be worn up around the hips, or pulled down over the thighs. Basically, you get a thong and a boyshort all in one piece!
The mesh chemise is also to-die-for, and can be great layered as outerwear. This collection is even prettier in person, so check it out!

Wednesday, April 16

The Velvet Hammer Burlesque

We dress quite a few burlesque performers, which is so much fun, because anything goes! From Swarovski crystal pasties (which have sold out of at $200 a pair!) to Fifi Chachnil angora cardigans, we try and keep a little something in store for ladies who do pin-up photography and burlesque performances (a la Dita von Teese).
We recently discovered a fun book called Velvet Hammer Burlesque, which was just featured on the From Betsy With Love blog. This book is great eye-candy for those of you looking for inspiration for performances, or for ladies like ourselves who just love ostrich feather fans and marabou slippers! Granted, we aren't entirely into all aspects of burlesque, but we totally appreciate the art!
Here's a little preview of what's in the book by Michelle Carr...

Tuesday, April 15

SAFIA Jewelry; New Necklaces for Spring

It's been a while, but we finally have some new SAFIA pieces at Faire Frou Frou! As always, we are swooning over the new necklaces, and the colors work perfectly with the lingerie/loungewear that's in our boutique. All of the new arrivals are perfect for your Spring/Summer ensemble. Most of the new pieces have gold detailing, and they feature semi-precious stones such as turquoise, white jade, moonstone, white onyx and coral.
SAFIA is a Los Angeles designer who fashions slightly ethnic and unusual creations, for which she has become well known. Check out the new arrivals here...