Friday, July 13

The Modern Courtesan

The Modern Courtesan is a new lingerie line from the U.K. that quite tastefully combines high fashion and fantasy. We were fortunate to meet with Kelly Isaac, the owner and designer behind this lovely brand, and also see the entire collection in person! As impressive as this line is in photographs, it's even better live!
Right now The Modern Courtesan is showing 3 separate groups: Do Disturb!, Sex in the City, and Spalicious. These groups will be available at Faire Frou Frou in late September, along with 2 new groups that will be offered during the holiday season. We were told the hush-hush plans for the holiday collection and know it will be a hit!!! We will keep you posted...
The Modern Courtesan really works for a wide array of customers because you can select items as fun and frilly as the Costes Maid's Dress or Zen Mistress Spa Dress to more conservative pieces such as the basic camisoles and boyshorts that are designed in each group. What's consistent throughout the entire line is its feminine charm and understated playfulness.
Kelly was kind enough to give us a sample of one of our favorite pieces, the Spalicious Ruffle Brief (in aqua & white). Some of our other favorites are shown here, from all 3 ranges.
Though not shown here, we loved the accessories that we saw, particularly the mini feather dusters with the pink Swarovski crystal handles. There was also an amazing pair of handmade silk gloves that were gorgeous...hopefully those will show up online soon!
This brand will only be available in a small selection of fine lingerie boutiques...but most importantly, it will be at Faire Frou Frou!
Show off your inner flirt with a little help from the Modern Courtesan!