Wednesday, July 22

The Pretty Bra That Fits... Claudette

           With so many designers it can be overwhelming to find good bras that make you feel sexy no matter your cup size. Claudette is our pick of the day for bras that give support, comfort and still make you look good. Using a softer wire in their bras, it is comfortable and doesn't constrain. Claudette is never shy to use bold colors and their sheer Dessous mesh range is sheer up to a G cup. What's special about the Dessous bra is that it has a 3-part design unlike most bras out there. As a lover of sheer bras myself I couldn't resist getting one... or three of my own when I started working at Faire Frou Frou. I can proudly say that I adore my Claudette bras. They are fun to wear and give me the lift and support I need. Having been featured in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Lingerie Insight and Vogue, it's obvious we aren't the only ones attracted to this exciting brand. With their Spring/ Summer '15 line we fell in love a little bit more with all of the new enticing colors. As ownership has changed here at Faire Frou Frou we absolutely love how Claudette always adds a pop of excitement to our store. Be sure to check them out on our online store, or
We can't wait for more new arrivals!

Sunday, July 19

Baring It All... In Front of a Camera?

In honor of Faire Frou Frou's new sister company bŏu dōir we want to talk about Boudoir Photo Shoots! Whether it's something special for your trousseau, an anniversary gift, or something fun just because, a boudoir photo shoot will always leave you feeling sexy and empowered. I'm sure many of you are thinking, "I could never do that" and that is just not true. Boudoir photography is a way to capture yourself in time whether you're 25 or 90 and make you feel youthful and sexy. As for your "problem areas" the photographers always know the best angles to make you look absolutely irresistible. With so many routes to go it can be hard to choose a theme for your photo shoot. Should it be colorful and fun? Classic in black and white? The decisions really are endless. My personal style favorites include, big sexy hair, some killer heels, dramatic lashes and a lot of lace. I also love when women include personal items such as  their mans button down or tie. Maybe even his favorite team's jersey. The most important thing about doing a boudoir photo shoot is making it personal and just having fun with it! Plus who doesn't love playing dress up?!
Here's a few picks that we adore:

Written By: Sydney M. (part of the amazing Faire Frou Frou Team)