Monday, July 10

Item We're Excited About!

It won't be long before the Fall lingerie collections hit the shelves, and one of the items we're excited about receiving is the little number shown here by ID Sarrieri. It's feminine, flirty and frou-frou! We love it!
Other brands that will be stocked at Faire Frou Frou for Fall 2006 are Guia la Bruna, Gentry de Paris, Andres Sarda, Myla, new angora sweaters from Fifi Chachnil and your usual favorites! Plus, we have some incredible new lines already cooking for Cruise 2006 (which is December)...let's just say you will be pleased with who we've found! But we need to be hush-hush for now...
Keep checking in with us here, or visit Faire Frou Frou.

New Must-Have Brand: Lavande-SWK

The new lingerie line you need to know about is "Lavande SWK". This NEW and beautifully versatile brand, designed by Stacey Walker King, merges the look of lingerie into loungewear and outerwear. Faire Frou Frou will be representing the premier collection of Lavande, and you get a sneak peek with the images above. The larger image shows one of my very favorite's a delicious deep purple sheer crop top that is lined with a satin trim. This item is called "Frances' Bed Jacket" and will be available in stores by August/September when the Fall collections roll out. The black sheer top shown in the smaller picture is called "Ava's Geisha Top" and is actually put to best use if you wear it as outerwear with either a smashing bra from Faire Frou Frou or a plain camisole. And lastly, there is the "Lauryn" Lace Top which is quite unique and beautiful because it covers you in the front like a regular top but it ties into a satin sash in the back and has kind of an open cape effect...just look at the picture to see.
You might notice that all of the Lavande items have a female guess is that the designer dedicated items to all of her friends, apparently which she has plenty of! We're waiting for the "Frou Frou Alison Knicker" to show up one of these days, and that way designer Stacey Walker King will have a follower for life!

Carine Gilson...lingerie to invest in

If you appreciate finely crafted lingerie, then remember this brand: Carine Gilson. Our lovely friend Carine has a studio based in Belgium where her bi-annual collections are designed and handmade.
The details on her work are dazzling...if you are fortunate enough to view the collection in person you will see that the lace applique is hand embroidered, and even the item itself is so beautifully made that it can be worn inside-out and you will not see any frayed edges! Another plus is that each collection comes in the most luscious color selection.
We are always excited to see what's coming next from Carine!