Wednesday, October 17

Fifi Chachnil new collection

The new Fifi Chachnil collection is gradually shipping to our boutique. In the meantime, we thought we would share some images of the items we purchased!
We noticed that the new collection is not available for purchase on Fifi's website (though she does show pictures of it, along with her ready-to-wear collection), so we plan on getting our stock online ASAP!!
In the meantime, here's a preview of the Fifi Chachnil new arrivals at Faire Frou Frou.

The pink pom-pom ensemble shown is available as a bra & panty in our store. We also have the cute, and popular angora cardigan sweater in ivory shown with it on our display - so cute!

Monday, October 15

The Madame V "Octavia" collection

Yet another fun, flirty Madame V collection has arrived! This group is called Octavia and comes in this beautiful 'powder blue' (as they call it), which really looks more like periwinkle. This entire group is so cute, particularly because of the little velvet rosette bouquet pin on most of the pieces. To top off the cuteness, there's the pink ostrich hand fan that came with the group that we just love! In fact, the hand fan makes a great accessory for most of the brands we carry in the store.
We have other new items from Madame V (and Courtworth) that will be posted to the online store this week...and certainly we will post about them when they are available for purchase!
Of course, the Octavia collection is currently available online, so treat yourself to something sweet!

Friday, October 12

Fashion Inspiration

We love hunting for beautiful fashion photos, especially if lingerie is involved! The following is a little slideshow we put together with some of our favorite pics. Many of the pictures involve lingerie layering, which is what we encourage our customers to do! The rest of the pictures are just pretty! Enjoy!

Most images are from Vogue magazine from recent years as well as W Magazine, Elle, etc. If you're interested in photo credits for a particular image, let us know!

Tuesday, October 9

Lingerie Tip #1

About 70% of women wear ill-fitting brassieres. Good fits are calculated thus: measure around the chest directly under the breasts and add four inches to the number if it is even and five inches if it is odd. This is the bra size. To determine cup size, subtract the bra size from the bust size (around the fullest part of the bosom). Differences of 0-3 inches equate to, respectively, cup sizes A to D, while 10 inches give you a G-cup.

Monday, October 8

Faire Frou Frou on MySpace

We finally vamped up our MySpace page! For some reason we were reluctant to set up an account, and recently, with the help of our good friend Melissa, we formatted it and spruced it up!
So please take a moment to check out our page and add us to your friends! We would love to have you in our fabulous entourage!

Teri Hatcher on "Desperate Housewives"

Of all of the shows we do costuming for, we have no problem spotting our products on Desperate Housewives! On last night's episode, we dressed Teri Hatcher (or Susan Mayer) for a scene in which she was mistaken for a stripper...though a classy one!
She wore the Elle MacPherson Boudoir Gold Torsolette and matching Gold Briefs. The Boudoir collection is still available online, so get it now!
Speaking of Teri Hatcher and lingerie, she is the spokesperson/model for the Badgley Mishka intimates collection. Seeing that she looks amazing in lingerie, that's a good decision for them!
UPDATE: Since our original post, the Torsolette has sold out, but we still have the matching Bra, Garter Belt, Brief and Thong in this group. Check them out!

Friday, October 5

Luxury Lingerie Dress-Up! The Modern Courtesan

We finally received the first part of our shipment from The Modern Courtesan, and just in time for the up-coming holiday season (starting with Halloween!).
As we posted previously, this collection is all-class, but plenty of fun! For a more sophisticated look, we love the Spalicious silk robe (in silver). For more playful attire, we are loving the Spalicious Zen Mistress Dress and the Do Disturb Maid's Dress.
We now have all of these items available for purchase online!

Thursday, October 4

Expert Village - Video Series featuring Faire Frou Frou

We are so proud to have been selected by Expert Village ( as the bra specialists in a series of videos on how to measure, fit, and find the perfect bra.
We taped 12 video segments with topics ranging from Lingerie Terminology, How to Wear a Strapless Bra, How to Measure your Bra Size, to How to Pick Fashion Lingerie.

A special thanks to Traci for making this happen, and for doing a great job!

Link to this series of videos using the path below:
Alison Rubke : How to Fit a Bra

New Arrivals Online - The Lake & Stars

Check out the new arrivals from The Lake & Stars.
We posted about the new goodies a few posts back, and just letting you know that part of the order arrived!
The Opportunity Trench that we mentioned will come later this month!

Wednesday, October 3

Breast Cancer Awareness & Lingerie

As a follow-up to our last post, we thought we'd show a few lingerie pieces that also contribute to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Attached are images of the Honeydew Intimates 'Breast Cancer Awareness Rumba'. We found this item on the Honeydew site, but noticed that there's no mention of whether proceeds benefit any particular charity...
Also, we posted the Cosabella Hope Low-Rider Thong. This thong was specially designed to raise funds for charity...Cosabella will donate 10% of proceeds to a breast cancer charity, and they will continue to offer the item year-round because they believe fundraising should be a yearlong commitment.

Tuesday, October 2

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It's time to 'think pink' for Breast Cancer Awareness month!
This is a reminder to do your monthly breast self-examination (if you're over age 20) since we know that early detection is critical to successful treatment.
For more information, we suggest that you check out the Susan G. Komen for the Cure website (click here). Also, their site has the Promise Shop where you can buy some fun goodies in which 50-80% of the price of all items sold funds research and community outreach programs. These programs ultimately save lives and will hopefully end breast cancer forever. Of course, you can also send in a donation! There are numerous organizations devoted to battling breast cancer (just Google search it), and also plenty of tips for reducing your risk. Some suggestions are: Cut down on alcohol, eat fruit, get out and walk, avoid HRT, lose weight (if you suffer from obesity) and get screened! Those are just a few pointers, but really the ultimate goal is to crush this disease altogether with research and discovering a cure.
In spirit of thinking pink, we've posted some pretty pink lingerie items for you!

Monday, October 1

VOTE for Faire Frou Frou! Best Lingerie Boutique in Los Angeles!

Vote for Faire Frou Frou as the Best Lingerie Boutique in Los Angeles!

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We appreciate your support, and thank you for your vote!

Voting is on NOW and goes through November 23, 2007. This contest is supported by the FOX television network, and we are proud to say that we were nominated by either a kind fan or someone at FOX. Thank you to the kind person who nominated us!

It takes less than a minute to vote, so do it now!!!!

Thank you!

Edie Britt (Nicolette Sheridan) on Desperate Housewives!

Did you see the season premiere of Desperate Housewives last night? If so, you saw one of the costumes provided by Faire Frou Frou! We dressed our customer Nicolette Sheridan (and costumer Cate Adair!) for her role as Edie Britt...the wardrobe department requested an innocent, yet flirty set for her to wear to seduce Carlos. So, she ended up wearing the SPANK (Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers) Flirt Nightgown, Shorts and Padded Bra in Ivory. We also paired the outfit with a pair of Jacques Levine marabou slippers!
You can purchase any of these items on or in our boutique!
We will keep you posted with our next Desperate Housewives ensemble!