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Monday, October 15

The Madame V "Octavia" collection

Yet another fun, flirty Madame V collection has arrived! This group is called Octavia and comes in this beautiful 'powder blue' (as they call it), which really looks more like periwinkle. This entire group is so cute, particularly because of the little velvet rosette bouquet pin on most of the pieces. To top off the cuteness, there's the pink ostrich hand fan that came with the group that we just love! In fact, the hand fan makes a great accessory for most of the brands we carry in the store.
We have other new items from Madame V (and Courtworth) that will be posted to the online store this week...and certainly we will post about them when they are available for purchase!
Of course, the Octavia collection is currently available online, so treat yourself to something sweet!

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