Thursday, February 26

Sexy Panties & Naughty Knickers

above: our favorite look from the collection

Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers was one of the brands we recently took a look at in NYC, which included their current collection as shown above. One of our favorite products was the Bardot shirt, shown at the very top - it's got that 'loungewear cross-over to ready-to-wear' look that we love! The rest of the collection is simple and sweet, with a touch of naughty and sexy.
Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers (formerly known as SPANK...but changed the name due to similarities with the name SPANX...or so we heard) is a UK label that "create[s] beautiful, sexy, affordable, and above all, comfortable underwear in natural fabrics, for women of all shapes and sizes." Their bra sizes range from 30E and 32A to 36DD (UK sizes), which makes it an ideal brand for ladies with a small back, and small to very full busts.
For the full collection, visit their website, and for very few items visit our website!

credit goes to Urban Socialite, Creme de la Mode, and Glamorous Little Side Project for inspiring this post.

Wednesday, February 25

A Taste of Carine Gilson

above: Carine Gilson bra & waist-cincher in Bon Marche

above: Carine Gilson bra via Velvet magazine

above: Carine Gilson bra & Shortie via VIF Express

ELLE Belgium

We thought we would supply you with a bit of eye-candy, displaying the latest press from Carine Gilson. If you know us, you know we hold Carine Gilson's work in high regard; her lingerie is handmade with exquisite attention to detail. We will actually be posting a few images of her current collection later this week, but couldn't resist posting a little sample of her work.

I'll Take Manhattan...

We just got back from a major lingerie tradeshow in NYC, taking a look at what we will be selling for Fall 2009/Winter 2010. It's crazy that we're buying for 2010 already!! It looks like the big color for our store this fall will be smoky gray/steel gray, and deep purple...and of course black.
In any event, we picked up 2 trade publications at the tradeshow and were pleased to see that Faire Frou Frou was included. In Lingerie Buyer and BODY Guide, we were selected as one of the top lingerie boutiques in the US. Thank you to both publications for thinking of us!

Tuesday, February 24

Made by Niki - Fresh Foundations {new arrivals}

It is generally assumed that shapewear is unattractive, or more-or-less something you wouldn't want another soul see you wearing on its own. Until recently, we would have agreed with you whole-heartedly! However, all of that has changed with the arrival of Made by Niki's 'Fresh Foundations' collection. Fresh Foundations is an attractive shapewear line that gives women "the chance to lift, cinch, flatten and flatter their curves with ultimate sex appeal. Finally, you can have the ultimate figure and be glamorous and alluring when it's time to undress."
We brought in the most popular pieces from the range, and we love each one equally! The Front-Cinch Bra is a great piece - it's a bra that does not have padding or underwire, but has a superb construction that renders pads and underwire unnecessary. It fastens in the back, but has a unique adjustable front-cinch that allows you to alter how the bra fits in the front - pretty clever! The bras run snug, and we actually provide a fit guide for them when you view them online.
The other pieces, such as the Magic Bum Girdle and the Secretary Suspender Skirt, do an amazing job giving you a trim, slim silhouette without compromizing your style. All you have to do is take a look at the pictures in this post to see that!
On a side note, Made by Niki is the same UK-based label that creates the limited edition, numbered lingerie sets. We still have a few left in stock!

a Made by Niki slip from a previous season

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

This is just a small personal post to wish my mom (and frou-frou partner) a very happy birthday!! I hope all of your birthday wishes come true...someone as generous and warm as you deserves only the very best! You are filled with inspiration and creative talent, and you are a wealth of support that transforms dreams into reality. We hope you have an amazing birthday week (and year)!

Wednesday, February 18

Fifi Chachnil Visits Faire Frou Frou!

We were pleased to have a personal visit from world-famous lingerie designer Fifi Chachnil at our boutique last week. Fifi and her adorable assistant Olivia were in Los Angeles on business and personally showed us the new Fifi Chachnil Autumn/Winter 09/10 collection. The new pieces are must-have items, but won't be in stores until September (which means we can't show them to you until then)!! In the meantime, we will leave you with images from her current group. Of course, we have some of Fifi's previous collections on our site (most are now on sale).

Fifi is the embodiment of the Parisian lady - from her flirty retro style and whimsy, to her appreciation for fine lingerie!
Fifi Chachnil

Tuesday, February 17

Damaris - Oh-So-Girly and Fresh

We recently received the new Spring collection from Damaris, and it's getting quite a reaction! The Incandescence group, the pieces made from white polka dot lace with flourescent pink accents, has been in our store window for about a week and has drawn in many passers-by.
The 2 groups that are currently available are 'Incandescence' and 'Tullett'. The Tullett group is ivory silk with grosgrain detailing, and silk chiffon flower accents. We think the pictures of this group don't do it person the details are just lovely.
Check out the pictures and see for yourself why Incandescence has caused a's a statement group that celebrates your inner girly girl! Actually, that can be said for all of Damaris's designs.
You can buy these pieces, along with other Damaris collections, here.

Sunday, February 15

Sprucing Up & Lingerie Giveaway

image via House & Garden magazine 1927, Conde Nast

As you can see, we revamped our blog with a cleaner and hopefully prettier layout! We love a little makeover, so we're enjoying the new look!

We wanted to share the news that we selected the winner of our Valentine's Day lingerie giveaway! The winner, Dallas Shaw, has been contacted and will receive her lingerie set. Thank you SO much to everyone who entered the contest...each and every one of your responses was amazing and very much appreciated. Again, we wish we could give free sets to everyone who entered!!
photo credit: Elizabeth Messina

The good news for those of you still wishing to win an lingerie set is that there is a new contest in which you can enter to win it. One of our favorite photographers, Elizabeth Messina, just launched a new website called Kiss the Groom. It's a lovely website that "celebrates life, love and kisses". The site is filled with Elizabeth's work, and has an adorable feature called the Kissing Tree. Basically, you personalize the little heart carving on the tree and get a free copy of your very own Kissing Tree. Click here to make your own!

Friday, February 13

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Bernie Dexter by photographer Danielle Bedics

We would like to wish our dear readers (and customers) a very lovely Valentine's Day! Just a reminder, we will be selecting the winner of our Valentine's Day contest tonight at there's still time to enter!!

Thursday, February 12

Valentine's Day...

image via misterrob on Etsy

Have you done your Valentine's shopping yet? We think the perfect gift can be found here...

Wednesday, February 11

Lingerie & Beautiful Photography

Here we go again with an extraordinarily talented photographer, Camilla Akrans. Camilla is a versatile photographer that has an extensive portfolio with an emphasis on high-fashion. Pretty much if you read VOGUE, Elle, Bazaar, you know her work.
The photos that we included in today's post feature lingerie as shot through a sheet of gauzy silk. It creates a dramatic and mysterious effect that works beautifully when paired with the boudoir imagery.

To learn more about Camilla Akrans, click here.
The image below is also by Camilla - a very different look compared to what you see above, and simply gorgeous!

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Marilyn Monroe, who starred in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and sang the famous song "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend"

Yes, Marilyn Monroe was right, "diamonds are a girl's best friend"! It may sound cliche, but facts are facts!
Just in time for Valentine's Day, we are introducing some new gems to our boutique; all by SAFIA. All of the new necklaces are 18-karat gold with diamonds, and one piece features a lovely vintage-looking tourmaline (rose) stone, and 2 other pieces feature turquoise stones. Of course we brought back the coveted ohm necklaces, and added a few more styles to the mix. The turquoise and tourmaline necklaces have rose-cut diamond accents, which make them look like antiques (but they're not!).
Speaking of SAFIA, we recently brought in quite a few of her signature multi-strand necklaces...but just need to get them photographed and online for you!

Tuesday, February 10

Are You Prepared for Valentine's Day?

image via Lula Magazine

Are you prepared for Valentine's Day? There's still time to shop online and certainly time to stop by our boutique for a sweet little something!
We suggest that you check out our online Gift Guide for some pointers...otherwise there's always the trusty Gift Certificate.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!