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Tuesday, February 3

Fun Goodies for Valentine's Day!

We have Valentine's Day on our mind here at Faire Frou Frou, and wanted to share some fun, affordable goodies that will spice up your holiday. You may remember to buy lingerie, chocolates and flowers for the big day, but don't forget those accessories that will make your date go from good to amazing!
We recently received a few items from Booty Parlor, a well-established company that has made the art of seduction a science.Our favorite item is the Kissaholic Kissing Kit. The kit includes an Aphrodisiac Infused Plumping Lip Gloss and Breath Mist. The lip gloss is meant to give you a fuller, sexier pout while the breath mist freshens your breath with a spicy rush of sweet cinnamint flavor. We were particularly sold by the packaging, which looks like a vintage cigarette box.Another new product that we are stocking is the Booty Parlor "Don't Stop Massage Candle". The short and sweet description is that it's a candle that melts just above body temperature, and therefore feels comfortably warm when poured on your skin. Once applied to your skin, the oils from the candle are great for a massage and leave you silky and soft. The candle comes with a small cover, just in case you want to keep it warm after it's been blown out. For more details about the candle, click here.
Other products from Booty Parlor (at FFF) include tried-and-true favorites such as the Whipper/Tickler and the Bonding Tape.
It's worth noting that no single Booty Parlor product on our website costs more than $36! Not bad!

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