Tuesday, August 31

Carine Gilson...We Will Take One of Each, Please

all images via Carine Gilson

Twice a year we have the honor of sharing the latest collection from Carine Gilson, who is quite possibly the most skilled artisan in the lingerie world.  The fact that her clientele will pay $435 for a pair of PJ shorts or $1400 for a kimono robe is a good indication that we're not alone in our opinion of the designer.  In fact, the brand is going strong having just opened a stunning flagship boutique in Brussels (Belgium). 
The Fall/Winter 2010 collection is filled with Carine Gilson's usual sophistication, as well as some gorgeous loungewear pieces that would work wonderfully as ready-to-wear.  The harem pants and kaftan are pieces we would purchase for ourselves (if we brought her latest collection to our boutique...perhaps next season we will!), and her robes are definitely lust-worthy as well (though we are proud to say we already own one...but it wouldn't hurt to have it in another color!). 
We posted some of the more unique styles from the Fall collection in this post, but you can see the entire lookbook on Carine's website here.

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Sunday, August 29

Waldemar Hansson; Lingerie & Photography

all images via here

When we see beautiful images, such as these by Waldemar Hansson, it reminds us of why we started this blog...to share inspiring, gorgeous photos that just happen to showcase beautiful lingerie (though sometimes they don't even need lingerie!).  The top two images with model Victoria Sekrier are dramatic and strikingly pleasing to the eye.  The third image from "Le Coeur Est Un Rebelle" (from Kurv magazine earlier this year) is just flawless and has been a favorite of ours for a few months. These are definitely pictures to save to your inspiration folder (or Tumblr)!  
We encourage you to view the rest of Hansson's portfolio here.

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Thursday, August 26

Brulee - New Loungewear Brand at Faire Frou Frou!

Brulee Vamp Teddy
Brulee Vamp Robe
Brulee Vamp Chemise (Coming Soon)

Boyfriend Nightshirt
Brulee Boudoir Cami & Tap Pant
Brulee Boudoir Bodysuit
images above via Brulee

Do you see a piece you absolutely need to have?  You do!  That's what we thought...we do too!  These beautiful silk loungewear pieces are by NYC-based brand Brulee and are now available at Faire Frou Frou.   
Brulee is a loungewear collection comprised of luxurious and comfortable pieces that are sexy, versatile and that travel brilliantly. Each piece is handcrafted in New York City from the finest silk, cotton and jersey materials and features delicate details and intricate workmanship using hand cast gold and crystal hardware.
Brulee designer Kristian Giambi has designed a collection that is classic, uncomplicated (in a good way) and elegant.  Most of the pieces are made from stretch silk with silk chiffon detailing.  Some items have pretty little black jewel buttons for a subtle touch of glam.
We are very pleased with each piece we brought into our boutique, and especially love the flattering fit of the Vamp Robe...so beautiful!  Also, the Vamp Teddy is making quite a statement on the mannequin in our front window...the eye-catching black & ivory chevron pattern is doing a great job luring customers into our store! 
Which piece will you be buying at Faire Frou Frou

P.S. We took this picture of the Brulee Boudoir Bodysuit with a new Safia necklace, and couldn't resist sharing how well the two worked together.  For all of our Safia jewelry fans, you will be pleased to learn that we just received a wonderful new shipment of necklaces at Faire Frou Frou!

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Monday, August 23

Sarda by Andres Sarda

Sarda is the diffusion line by Spanish lingerie designer Andres Sarda, and this better-priced collection is really striking a chord with us!  The new Fall 2010 collection seems to have a bit of something for everyone; high-waist panties, polka dots, cut-out bras and even those cool garters that are kind of like a sexy version of a holster!  We recently read that sheer tops (like that seen in the last picture) are a trend for Fall, which means Sarda may be hitting a home run having so many key pieces. 
Our favorite piece is the black bra with the Spanish lace trim (5th pic down) because it's the Sarda version of the t-shirt bra...every piece in that group is quite functional for everyday but also very pretty because of the delicate trim.   
Do you have a favorite item?  What do you think of their statement garter belts?  

To purchase Andres Sarda on sale, click here!

Sunday, August 22

Touches of Yellow & Chartreuse Inspiration Board

images via here (clockwise from top left corner): 1. Kiki and Polly the Art of Lisa Golightly "All Together"  2. Princesse Tam-Tam lingerie S/S 2010  3. 1949 Hanes stockings ad  4. Natalia Vodianova for Etam  5. Sasha Pivavorova by Mario Testino  6. Faire Frou Frou boutique chevron floor 7.  Kiki and Polly "Girl in the Yellow Suit"

Now that the Summer weather has finally arrived here in Los Angeles (hello 90-degree temperatures!), we were inspired to create a collage around a favorite little painting by Kiki and Polly entitled "All Together" (see in full above).   The touches of yellow/mustard color in the painting were the starting point for finding other images such as the yellow Princesse Tam-Tam set and the chartreuse-colored Etam set.  All of the other pictures just seemed to fall into place!
We hope everyone's enjoying their Summer (for our readers north of the equator)!
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Tuesday, August 17

Ellen von Unwerth Photographs Rose McGowan

We recognized that Elle Macpherson 'Harmonies' bra right away!
Images via here.  Rose McGowan for Above Magazine by Ellen von Unwerth

These images are from a couple of years ago, but the great thing about lingerie is that it doesn't date itself as quickly as other types of clothing.  For the umpteenth time we are featuring the photography of Ellen von Unwerth who is so amazing about including lingerie in most of her work.  Cheeky, flirty, sexy and fun best describe these images of actress Rose McGowan.  Just looking at them makes us wish that real life looked like an Ellen von Unwerth picture!  At least a bit of lingerie from Faire Frou Frou can make that happen!  

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Monday, August 16

The Lake & Stars; Like a Stockings Fetish Film

 images via The Lake & Stars, photography Tom Hines

The Lake & Stars turns up the risque-factor with its new Fall/Winter 2010 collection and yet another memorable set of images in its lookbook.  We kind of get a 70's porn vibe from it, but in a good way of course!  Designers Nikki and Maayan manage to capture their signature style in a fresh new set of designs, which consists of several amazing sets of bras, panties and rompers/bodysuits...and now open stockings (our delicate way of saying crotchless) and 'open' garter panties.  There are even some new textures in the Fall collection with the addition of the knit romper and knit blanket!  Overall we think this is a very strong collection, and we can safely say that The Lake & Stars just gets better each season (and it was great to begin with!). 
We should also note that this season's catalogue was shot by photographer Tom Hines, who is responsible for the now iconic images from the Spring/Summer 2010 lookbook (we posted about here). 

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