Monday, December 24

A Personal Christmas Post

We are huge fans of the design blog Absolutely Beautiful Things, and recently entered their Christmas competition...and we Won!
Just to get everyone up-to-speed, Absolutely Beautiful Things is a blog hosted by interior designer and Black & Spiro boutique owner Anna Spiro (we have posted about her blog before!). Anna came up with the idea of hosting a Christmas competition in which anyone could submit pictures and a short story detailing what Christmas means to them. Some people posted pictures of the holiday festivities in their home town, some people submitted pictures of loved-ones, and many entered pictures of their homes and Christmas decorations.
My mom and I took pictures of our house just after we finished decorating for Christmas, and the next day sent the photos over to Anna (who is based in Brisbane, Australia). For the month of December readers voted on their favorite entries, and before long we were finalists, and just today we learned that we won!
Take a look at our entry, as well as the other pretty entries that were submitted as well! We were certainly in some great company.
Thank you so much to our friends, family, customers and supporters who voted!!!

Tuesday, December 18

The latest & greatest from The Lake & Stars

We received our latest shipment from The Lake & Stars, and this group included the long-awaited Opportunity Trench coats! Actually, they came just in time for the rainy weather in here Los Angeles. We love the idea of the trench with sexy lingerie underneath.
We also received the "We're on Break" collection, which we hear may show up in the "Sex & the City" movie. It is so cute! This group features pieces made from a gray cotton/modal with silk charmeuse ribbon strips layered across the front.

Monday, December 10

The KnickersTravel Bag

The lingerie experts at Knickersblog have created this beautiful, 100% silk travel bag for your delicates. And really, who better to make the perfect lingerie accessory than the ladies who know all of the ins & outs of the lingerie world!
The bag is best summarized by its designers (Danae Shell and Alison) as "gorgeous, silky, practical, and above all, a worthy home for all your gorgeous knickers."
What a perfect gift for the holidays!
You can purchase the travel bags at:

Gift Wrap Available

We just wanted to let you know that Gift Wrap is a complimentary service we offer with any of your purchases, so for all of you who have been ordering online (and those who will), please indicate whether you would like Gift Wrap or not in the comments section of your order.

Also, if a gift is being shipped directly to the recipient, please let us know whether to send the invoice to the shipping address or not.

Just an FYI - We are in the process of having our online store completely re-done to handle our growing customer base, and in a few months the checkout process with gift wrapping option will be much more seamless! We are so excited for our newly designed website...but more on that in 2008!

Friday, December 7

Oh My Goodness - We Are in LOVE!!!

Just this week we received an amazingly fun collection from British lingerie label Mint Siren. Mint Siren is a burlesque-inspired brand that is all about girly details, and is both extremely feminine and perhaps a bit edgy. It can best be described as Fifi Chachnil meets Dita von Teese style.
Faire Frou Frou is the FIRST and ONLY BOUTIQUE IN THE USA to represent this brand (we know other boutiques will snatch it up too after reading this!)!!! What an honor to introduce the states to this amazing label.
Mint Siren is the creation of designer Josefine Wing (a bit of a burlesque gal herself). Her philosophy is to create flattering, sensual clothing with a retro flavor for the modern woman. Her brand is described as being "lavish and provocative; designed for ladies with a passion for extravagance. It's about having fun with your femininity".
Every piece in our shipment is swoon-worthy, and we have posted pictures for you to love as well. You can now buy any of these items online at Faire Frou Frou.
If you see anything in this post that you love, and that is not on Faire Frou Frou's website, just let us know and we can inquire about special orders.
It's time to play dress-up - get your Mint Siren today!

Damsel Magazine

Thank you to the chic ladies of Damsel Magazine for the piece they ran on Faire Frou Frou! This O.C.-based publication is about fashion, beauty, body & mind with a focus on young women who love the good life!
We are so happy to be part of such a posh group.

Desperate Housewives update

If you caught the most recent episode of Desperate Housewives, then you may have noticed that Nicolette Sheridan's character was wearing a beautiful bustier almost the entire episode!
That gorgeous piece was none other than the Courtworth Mouche Tulle & Velvet Bustier from Faire Frou Frou. The last episode had a cliffhanger ending, which means we will see more of that bustier in the up-coming episode.

Oprah loves it & we do too!

Just to follow-up on our previous post on Oprah's Favorite Things...
We now have the kai Body Butter in stock, which is one of the items specifically mentioned on the Oprah show. In fact, this product was specially made just for the Queen of Media (and we're not talking about Perez Hilton!).
The Body Butter is la-la-luscious and thick, and comes in a flat, round tub. It's much like the Frederic Fekkai body butter Oprah raved about a few years back (which is amazing as well, but you can only find that at Sephora & Neiman Marcus).
This is such a perfect holiday gift - stock up today!!