Friday, September 28

Panty Cherie collection from Huit

It's finally happened - we have E-cup bras in stock! We recently received our Huit Fall shipment which contained the "Panty Cherie" set shown here.
The collection is made from a Lycra jacquard voile with a tiny floral motif. The bras in this group are feminine with their ruffle lace detail, but they aren't so over-the-top that you can't wear a sweater over it. This group is a step above what we consider 'basics' with its sweet detaling and style, and the fact that it is reasonably priced for a fashion group.
At Faire Frou Frou we are stocking the Half-Cup Bra which is available in 32-38 C, D, E and the Half-Cup Push-Up Bra in 32-38 B, C, D. Both styles have underwire support and NO padding. We also selected the matching Thong and Boxer Shorts (shown) to go with the bras. These pieces really make a cute set...check them out on our online store now!

Knickersblog Post: Where Can I Get Dita von Teese's Famous "Cherry Picture" bra?


This edition of Ask Knickers, we’re trying to help out a reader who has excellent taste. Here’s her question:

The Question

I think you guys at the Knickers blog might be just the right resource for a hard-to-answer question I’ve got. I’ve had a very difficult time determining where I can get the bra worn by Dita Von Teese in this photo:

Faire Frou Frou
On the other side of the pond, LA boutique Faire Frou Frou has some more colourful Dita-esque options. The sweet-as-pie plaid bra (pictured above, left) is from Betsey Johnson, and is available in limited sizes for just $49. For something a bit wilder, turn to the Italians and Parah - this zebra print (pictured above, right) is sexy, but the exaggerated lace trim adds a retro twist to the style. The Parah bra is $145 and only available in B.

Tuesday, September 25

Absolutely Beautiful Things post!

We are so excited to be part of the Absolutely Beautiful Things blog this morning! Check out the post by clicking their logo or here.
Though this isn't a lingerie blog, ABT is a "daily inspiration journal" for interior design. On several occasions blog writer Anna had mentioned the antique/furniture store Bountiful, which is where we purchased most of our antiques at Faire Frou Frou. We wrote to Anna because we wanted to show how antiques & interior design worked its way into a lingerie store. Most of the furniture in our store such as the counter, tables, armoire, mirrors and storage cabinet were purchased at Bountiful, which is a Venice, CA paradise that was created by Sue Balmforth nearly 20 years ago. It really is the combination of the beautiful antiques and designer lingerie that make Faire Frou Frou a special destination. The rest of our furnishings were either custom-made or purchased during our travels to Europe.
ABT blog writer Anna owns an interior design boutique in Australia called Black & Spiro. She is a young woman who runs a successful business and her ABT blog is one of the TOP 10k blogs on the internet (out of 107 million blogs being tracked)! Make Absolutely Beautiful Things one of your favorites!
Just an FYI, almost all antiques on display at Faire Frou Frou are available for feel free to contact us if you're interested! ( or tel: 818-783-4970).

Sunday, September 23

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Friday, September 21

Fifi Chachnil teams up with Maison Lavabre Cadet

We recently received our Fall/Winter Fifi Chachnil shipment, and were pleased to see our long-awaited accessory; beautiful hand-crafted leather gloves! Though we posted about this piece a few months ago, we did not elaborate on what makes these gloves such a work of art. Fifi Chachnil, the queen of French lingerie, teamed up with Maison Lavabre Cadet, the world's foremost leather glove craftsmen. For over 60 years, Maison Lavabre Cadet has been covering the hands of the elite, based out of the French city of Millau which is known as the historic capital of leather gloves. They specialize in made-to-measure pieces that are handcut from precious skins, mink, ostrich, and crocodile.
At Faire Frou Frou, we are proud to represent a small part of the history of Lavabre Cadet, and simply love the scalloped edges, beautiful stitching and tiny pearl buttons on the gloves in our boutique. We have read that Maison Lavabre Cadet only partners with the most esteemed designers for their collaborations, so that says a lot about the talents and reputation of Fifi Chachnil!
We have included an extra press image (of Christina Aguilera) of Fifi Chachnil's lingerie so you get a sample of Fifi's design style/look.

Damaris - Fall/Winter collection

The new Fall/Winter collection from Damaris truly does speak for itself (see all of these wonderful pictures), but for those of you unfamiliar with this line we're happy to elaborate! Damaris is an incredible line from the U.K. that has turned lingerie manufacturing into an art form. All of the Damaris collections are hand-made by the company's atelier of seamstresses based in London. Most of the bras and panties (or knickers) are constructed from a delicate silk chiffon, ranging from coral & peach to black & white. All of the bras have the signature Damaris fastening at the back with the classic gold ‘C’. You can also find the signature 'C' (also know as the horseshoe) fastening on most of the panties. Damaris specializes in the peep bottom knicker which comes either with or without a luscious silk bow tie. Also, some of her panties have the peep bottom with a corset tie-up effect. This truly is lingerie for a special occasion, and for making a lasting favorable impression!
On a personal note, we remember our first pair of Damaris bow-tie knickers that were purchased several years ago in NYC. Never before had we spent $200 (or anywhere near that) on a pair of panties, but they were well worth it! In fact, they are currently stored in a beautiful Damaris limited edition duck egg blue hatbox with the embossed logo and gross grain handles - like a museum piece! The Damaris brand has a special place in our heart because of its incredibly unique design and exquisite truly is as the Damaris trademark says: "sine qua non".
Coming up soon, a post on the new Mimi Holliday collection!

Tuesday, September 11

Faire Frou Frou SALE continues online!

Just a little note for our readers...though the summer sale has officially ended inside our Studio City, CA boutique, you can still buy SALE/Clearance items on our website! Enjoy discounts from 30-75% off at

Sommes Chic by Alicia Wade

Only recently have we begun to offer bra sizes that extend beyond the 'D-cup' with labels such as Mimi Holliday and Fleur T, and we are proud to add a new brand to that list, Sommes Chic (whose name is a play on a French phrase meaning "we are all chic") . This lingerie and swim label, created by the lovely Alicia Wade, actually features bras that only come in sizes D, E & F. The designer was moved to create her own label based out of necessity as she is someone with a small back (ie, band size 32) but with a more curvaceous bosom. Her problem was no different than what many of our own customers complain about, and that is the difficulty of finding a beautiful bra that actually fits a woman with curves. We are surprised to hear that sizes like 32D are not offered at mainstream stores like Victoria's that really true? In any event, the Sommes Chic bras come in sizes 32D thru 36F and 38D. These beautifully designed bras, made from leavers lace and microfiber, also have matching thongs and a bikini bottom. The Winter collection, arriving this December at Faire Frou Frou, is available in Indigo Blue, Black and Nude...great basic colors.
The Sommes Chic brand also includes the Vivienne group which has an incredible stretch silk camisole, chemise and matching bottoms. This group comes in some beautiful colors that you need to see in person to truly appreciate; the colors include Indigo, Champagne and Aubergine (over favorite!). What's great about the Vivienne tops is that they are cut to accommodate anyone from a 32B to a 36F. We were truly surprised to witness how well it worked!
The designer for Sommes Chic, Alicia Wade, is truly a delightful young woman who lives and breaths the philosophy of her brand. She is one of those people who makes you feel absolutely positive after speaking with her, and she also can make anyone passionate about finding lingerie that is equally comfortable and beautiful. In fact, Alicia made a point of encouraging that we also add competing brand Miss Mandalay to our boutique (Miss Mandalay is a beautiful brand from the U.K. specializing in bras that accommodate a fuller bust...we will post on them later this month).
Included is a picture of Faire Frou Frou owner Gail Rubke, designer Alicia Wade, and Alison Rubke (also of FFF).
We will let you know when Sommes Chic is available for purchase at Faire Frou Frou!

Coming this October to Faire Frou Frou!

This Fall we are bringing a bit of urban edge to Faire Frou Frou with New York lingerie line "The Lake & Stars." This designer brand, which has early-on received worldwide acclaim for its fresh approach to design, is both feminine and cheeky with its fun and unexpected details. For instance, the debut collection includes the "Opportunity Trench" which is a unique take on costumes and role-playing often associated with wearing sexy underpinnings. For those of you who are interested, we will be carrying the trench coat, which comes in both a short and long version, and is available in traditional khaki (shown), navy, or slate gray.
Our favorite set comes from the "Modesty" group which features metallic nylon, mesh lining and herringbone trim. This is just one of the examples of how the most unexpected combinations come together to make something refreshing and sexy. In fact, most pieces have some form of vintage detailing that give them a nostalgic appeal.
The pricing for The Lake & Stars is pretty reasonable for a designer label...from $88 for a bralette to $50 for their garterbrief in the Modesty group. However, the Opportunity Trench is a bit pricier starting at $545, but isn't it worth it! Besides, it truly is a functional piece!
We have included a picture we took of designers Nikki Dekker and Maayan Zilberman during our meeting at the chic Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC. The design team is made up of these two wonderful ladies whose backgrounds include design and art.
In case you were wondering, the name "The Lake & Stars" refers to an obscure Victorian term that refers to a woman's skills in the bedroom (as in she gave him "the lake & stars")...sounds just as frisky as the collection looks!