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Tuesday, September 11

Sommes Chic by Alicia Wade

Only recently have we begun to offer bra sizes that extend beyond the 'D-cup' with labels such as Mimi Holliday and Fleur T, and we are proud to add a new brand to that list, Sommes Chic (whose name is a play on a French phrase meaning "we are all chic") . This lingerie and swim label, created by the lovely Alicia Wade, actually features bras that only come in sizes D, E & F. The designer was moved to create her own label based out of necessity as she is someone with a small back (ie, band size 32) but with a more curvaceous bosom. Her problem was no different than what many of our own customers complain about, and that is the difficulty of finding a beautiful bra that actually fits a woman with curves. We are surprised to hear that sizes like 32D are not offered at mainstream stores like Victoria's that really true? In any event, the Sommes Chic bras come in sizes 32D thru 36F and 38D. These beautifully designed bras, made from leavers lace and microfiber, also have matching thongs and a bikini bottom. The Winter collection, arriving this December at Faire Frou Frou, is available in Indigo Blue, Black and Nude...great basic colors.
The Sommes Chic brand also includes the Vivienne group which has an incredible stretch silk camisole, chemise and matching bottoms. This group comes in some beautiful colors that you need to see in person to truly appreciate; the colors include Indigo, Champagne and Aubergine (over favorite!). What's great about the Vivienne tops is that they are cut to accommodate anyone from a 32B to a 36F. We were truly surprised to witness how well it worked!
The designer for Sommes Chic, Alicia Wade, is truly a delightful young woman who lives and breaths the philosophy of her brand. She is one of those people who makes you feel absolutely positive after speaking with her, and she also can make anyone passionate about finding lingerie that is equally comfortable and beautiful. In fact, Alicia made a point of encouraging that we also add competing brand Miss Mandalay to our boutique (Miss Mandalay is a beautiful brand from the U.K. specializing in bras that accommodate a fuller bust...we will post on them later this month).
Included is a picture of Faire Frou Frou owner Gail Rubke, designer Alicia Wade, and Alison Rubke (also of FFF).
We will let you know when Sommes Chic is available for purchase at Faire Frou Frou!

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