Wednesday, April 11

The Best-Kept Secret in Lingerie: Courtworth (aka Worth)

Just like some of our brands such as Vannina Vesperini & Carine Gilson, it isn't too often that you come across a luxury lingerie line like Courtworth Paris.
We are proud and incredibly excited to announce the debut of the French lingerie line at Faire Frou Frou!
As you can see, this is quite a beautiful line that specializes in the use of lace, and the bras and bustiers make great layering pieces.
Courtworth, known as Worth in Europe (due to copyright or corporate name issues in the U.S.) is a luxury lingerie line from Paris, France with pieces hand-made in Italy. It is crafted using the same techniques as those used to make the line during the late 19th Century! Many hours of work goes into each piece, which often includes 45 manual operations from start to finish. The result is a collection that is exquisite and unique.
We will be carrying the Spring/Summer AND Fall/Winter collections from Courtworth this year.
You can shop for any of these looks right now at Faire Frou Frou!
We have posted images of some of the items we just received...they are actually more beautiful in person!!!!! Each piece comes with its own sheer black mesh lingerie bag that has a little black bow closure, which is so cute and very upscale looking. We are thoroughly impressed!!!!

Monday, April 2

Online Exclusive - Elle Macpherson Boudoir!

We are proud to announce that Faire Frou Frou's online boutique is representing the debut collection of Elle Macpherson Boudoir.

Check out the rest of their collection online! It's a beautiful group with high-end appeal!