Monday, November 29

Gok Wan Shapewear - Petit Post

Sometimes when we have just one image we wish to share, we just post on our Facebook or Twitter page, but so many of our regular blog readers miss out on it (hint, hint, you should follow us on both of those sites).  In this case we wanted to share this beautiful picture from the Gok Wan Shapewear collection in what we are calling our petit post.  The 'Slicker Knickers' and 'Banger Booster' (aka the bra) appear quite lovely in this shot; it's refreshing to see shapewear that can be so sexy!  The rest of the collection, though attractive, doesn't come off as impressive as this image and therefore didn't make the cut for our blog.  However, you can see more of Gok Wan's designs (which includes a regular lingerie collection) and learn who he is (apparently a well-known UK stylist) on his website.  

Wednesday, November 24

Grazia Magazine; Luxury Lingerie Spactacle

Eres bodysuit

We know Carine Gilson lingerie when we see this high-waist panty!

more Carine Gilson (above)

images via Grazia Magazine November 2010, model Katsia Zinga, Photographer Richard Bernardin

Discovering images such as these makes our job as lingerie bloggers quite easy;  just look at how exquisitely tasteful and elegant each image is!  You will not be surprised to learn that the model is a recently selected Victoria's Secret model (Katsia Zinga), and that the intimates she wears in these pictures are most certainly not from her new employer.  The only brand we can definitively make out is that of Carine Gilson, and with regards to the remaining pieces we are hoping to learn who designed what.  In the meantime, these images were begging to be shared! 
Our favorite is the 2nd picture from the top, which is your favorite look?

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Tuesday, November 23

Pretty Panties! Zink Magazine Holiday 2010

Oh my goodness, we need these panties!

The polka dot panties, waist-cincher and stockings make a eye-catching combo
 Images via Zink Magazine "Eye Level", Holiday 2010 issue, Photos by Pierre Dal Corso, Model Natalia K, Styled by Sophie Clauzel

It turns out we need those panties in the first picture...they are so incredibly adorable!  These images are from the current issue of Zink Magazine, which we would love to get a copy of in order to see the designer credits on each of these pictures.  Each picture has a pretty pair of panties that steal the shot!  Perhaps those bulky knit undies we could go without, otherwise each pair is certainly covet-worthy.
We usually have a few readers who will go the extra distance and let us know who made what, and we would especially appreciate it in this case.   
When spending week after week discovering amazing editorials featuring such fun lingerie, we can't help but wonder why French women still outrank American women by spending twice as much money on their lingerie.  Come on American women, get with it (and start by shopping here)

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Monday, November 22

Love, Lulu Mae & Toad Lillie Exclusive for Faire Frou Frou!

Toad Lillie Bow Peek Bra & Panty, Bewitching Hour Garter Belt and Love, Lulu Mae Top Hat
Toad Lillie "Sway With Me" Bra & Panty
Love, Lulu Mae accessories & Toad Lillie lingerie

photography by Bethany Fritz of Maypole Studios, lingerie by Toad Lillie, accessories by Love, Lulu Mae

Faire Frou Frou is one lucky boutique because we were selected to be part of the exclusive collaboration between the fabulous lingerie brand Toad Lillie and the extraordinary accessories label Love, Lulu Mae.  Both designers specialize in glamour and frills, so it only seemed natural that they joined forces to create a few designs that would make a dazzling impression in our store-front window.  Toad Lillie (who just launched her online boutique today!) created the navy blue silk "Bow Peek" set which has the coordinating hand-painted/hand-beaded "Bewitching Hour" garter beltLove, Lulu Mae created a matching accessory with the show-stopping Top Hat that is also navy blue (and black) and topped with feathers and sparkles galore! 
The second set designed exclusively with Faire Frou Frou in mind was the "Sway With Me" raspberry silk bra & high-waist cinched panty set.  Love, Lulu Mae then created the beautifully feathered over-the-top masquerade mask to match it!  
The ladies behind both Toad Lillie and Love, Lulu Mae are not only talented designers, but wonderfully dynamic women as well.  We were fortunate to meet with them on a recent trip to Chicago where we made a bit of a scene at the restaurant we visited because of our giddy gabfest and our table filled with gorgeous silks, feathers and sparkles!  A special shout-out goes to Agnes Miles, the sweetheart behind LLM who coordinated the photo shoot and models for this wonderful collaboration.  Not only is she a great accessories designer, but she makes a heck of a producer!   
Laurie Shapiro, the force behind Toad Lillie, was recently interviewed by The Lingerie Addict and shares her story of how her darling label was created here
You can buy these exclusive designs for Faire Frou Frou by Toad Lillie here and the Love, Lulu Mae pieces here.   

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Saturday, November 20

Experimenting With Color


images via Numero Tokyo (Sept 2008) photos by Claudia Knoepfel + Stefan Indlekofer

We actually put together this blog post back in July, but for some reason never published it.  So for a light weekend post, we're sharing these images from Numero Tokyo with you.  Each of the models show of a hint of fun color with their lingerie.  From raspberry stockings to fluorescent green garter straps, the lingerie is the standout in each shot (okay, the model is pretty too!).  We're guessing that the bright lingerie is by NYC designer Deborah Marquit and perhaps the stockings are by Cervin and/or StockinGirl
We may just wear a bit of fun color with our undies today too!

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Thursday, November 18

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010

Photos by Daniella Rech, images via here

We must admit we had zero intention of ever posting anything about the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, but when we came across these backstage images by Daniella Rech we changed our tune.  You would think that because we are lingerie bloggers and own a lingerie store we would be interested in this show, but for some reason we just aren't.  Maybe it's just too commercial...
Anyhow, these photos were taken for and they are  pretty impressive in the large format on their website.  You can feel the energy of the work that goes on backstage and get an idea of the intensity of the event through Rech's lens. 
Check out the large format images here.  

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Wednesday, November 17

Mademoiselle Fifi; The Fifi Chachnil CD!

We love that not only can you wear Fifi Chachnil, you can listen to her too!  Our friend and the quintessential French lingerie designer Fifi Chachnil recently released a mini CD filled with bubbly, lighthearted French tunes.  We have this delightful little album and today marks the debut of it playing at Faire Frou Frou's Studio City boutique!  The songs are a perfect match for the Fifi fan in that they should be playing while wearing her lingerie, sipping champagne and eating colorful macarons.  Fifi is no stranger to the music industry, having recorded her first album back in 1984. 
You can purchase the CD or download the music off of iTunes (we suggest that, particularly since you can preview the songs).

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Monday, November 15

Savant; Made-to-Order Lingerie

images via here

While reading Dans Mon Boudoir this weekend, we discovered a darling little clothing line called Savant which just so happens to have a choice selection of intimate apparel.  The bandage strap pieces are just crying to be layered with your outerwear because they absolutely need to be seen!  The embroidered silk pieces in the beautiful peacock colors are incredibly lovely, and admittedly something we are very close to purchasing for ourselves.  Or perhaps we will pair the open bandage bra with the sheer many options for mixing and matching. 
According to the boutique I Don't Like Mondays, each item (whether lingerie or ready-to-wear) is made-to-order.  Looks like it's time to put together a wish list!
You can purchase the collection here

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Friday, November 12

Burlesque; Ostrich Feather Feature

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Wellington's House of Burlesque

Dita von Teese wears a marabou feather robe
all images are Dita von Teese from, © copyright Dita Von Teese & others 2000-2010
Miss Scarlett Diamond
 Darkteaser Burlesque-Starlet, photo by Raquel Rouge 

For so many burlesque performers one of the essential components some of the most fascinating routines includes the use of ostrich feathers.  What is it about the ostrich feather that is so enticing?  Perhaps it is its historical association with power, heraldry and aristocracy.  It certainly represents decadence and creates an immediate sense of glamour.  Perhaps this is what Sally Rand had in mind when she performed her famous burlesque numbers in the 1930s; therefore making ostrich feathers a must for so many performers who would follow in her footsteps. 

What do you make of ostrich feather accessories and costumes; is it the ultimate in glamour or just too much?