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Wednesday, November 24

Grazia Magazine; Luxury Lingerie Spactacle

Eres bodysuit

We know Carine Gilson lingerie when we see this high-waist panty!

more Carine Gilson (above)

images via Grazia Magazine November 2010, model Katsia Zinga, Photographer Richard Bernardin

Discovering images such as these makes our job as lingerie bloggers quite easy;  just look at how exquisitely tasteful and elegant each image is!  You will not be surprised to learn that the model is a recently selected Victoria's Secret model (Katsia Zinga), and that the intimates she wears in these pictures are most certainly not from her new employer.  The only brand we can definitively make out is that of Carine Gilson, and with regards to the remaining pieces we are hoping to learn who designed what.  In the meantime, these images were begging to be shared! 
Our favorite is the 2nd picture from the top, which is your favorite look?

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18 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures!
My favourite is last one!!!


Miss Narcissus said...

Is the title of this shoot really 'Sex Crime'?! How... distasteful.

Aside from that, the actual lingerie itself and the photography is gorgoeous. Thanks for posting. xo

Unknown said...

Miss Narcissus - I KNOW! I couldn't believe it either, but that's what it is. I'm guessing there was something lost in translation with this being a French editorial. I couldn't help but think of a friend of mine who was a victim of a true 'sex crime'...I am actually going to remove the title because it is not something I want to glamorize on this site.

Panty Buns said...

The fifth and sixth are my favorites but that should be no surprise as I'm (literally) so much into full briefs. Those silver full briefs look very nice.

Georgia Giraffina said...

These are AMAZING!
How can someone be so good looking!!??
My favourite is second from the bottom - i love black and white photos and the over the knees with the garter belt is soooo sexy!
Thank you for sharing these

Nicola said...

WOW is all I can say. What a delicious shoot with simply luxe smalls and a stunning model. Number 4 is my fav. Such a strong look. Love it all though xx


Jen of MadeByGirl said...

sexy ...! I need some lingerie - i swear! HAVE A LOVELY THANKSGIVING LADIES! :)))))))

Engra said...

Love the Eres's bodysuit!!

coco kailee said...

Talk about fierce. I especially love that matching Bra & Highwaist Panty set in the Silver Satin. Goodness, do I want that! :}

Also wanted to let you know that I included Faire Frou Frou's Black Friday promo in my latest post! <3

xoxo coco


I found you guys because of coco post in her blog :) I'm in love :)
thanks coco!!!

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure the last is calvin klein!

SF Sex Toy said...


Miss Woody said...

gorgeous !!

Couture Carrie said...

Absolutely stunning lingerie and images ~ wow!

Hope you ladies have been enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend!


Michael Lantz said...

She is one very beautiful lady.I wonder if she is single.

M said...

wow I need luxurious underwear in my life asap
tnx for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Eres always makes such amazing bodysuits! gorgeous!

Miss Neira

Unknown said...