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Monday, November 22

Love, Lulu Mae & Toad Lillie Exclusive for Faire Frou Frou!

Toad Lillie Bow Peek Bra & Panty, Bewitching Hour Garter Belt and Love, Lulu Mae Top Hat
Toad Lillie "Sway With Me" Bra & Panty
Love, Lulu Mae accessories & Toad Lillie lingerie

photography by Bethany Fritz of Maypole Studios, lingerie by Toad Lillie, accessories by Love, Lulu Mae

Faire Frou Frou is one lucky boutique because we were selected to be part of the exclusive collaboration between the fabulous lingerie brand Toad Lillie and the extraordinary accessories label Love, Lulu Mae.  Both designers specialize in glamour and frills, so it only seemed natural that they joined forces to create a few designs that would make a dazzling impression in our store-front window.  Toad Lillie (who just launched her online boutique today!) created the navy blue silk "Bow Peek" set which has the coordinating hand-painted/hand-beaded "Bewitching Hour" garter beltLove, Lulu Mae created a matching accessory with the show-stopping Top Hat that is also navy blue (and black) and topped with feathers and sparkles galore! 
The second set designed exclusively with Faire Frou Frou in mind was the "Sway With Me" raspberry silk bra & high-waist cinched panty set.  Love, Lulu Mae then created the beautifully feathered over-the-top masquerade mask to match it!  
The ladies behind both Toad Lillie and Love, Lulu Mae are not only talented designers, but wonderfully dynamic women as well.  We were fortunate to meet with them on a recent trip to Chicago where we made a bit of a scene at the restaurant we visited because of our giddy gabfest and our table filled with gorgeous silks, feathers and sparkles!  A special shout-out goes to Agnes Miles, the sweetheart behind LLM who coordinated the photo shoot and models for this wonderful collaboration.  Not only is she a great accessories designer, but she makes a heck of a producer!   
Laurie Shapiro, the force behind Toad Lillie, was recently interviewed by The Lingerie Addict and shares her story of how her darling label was created here
You can buy these exclusive designs for Faire Frou Frou by Toad Lillie here and the Love, Lulu Mae pieces here.   

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5 fabulous comments:

Unknown said...

Cute cute cute**

Maria said...

Ah, I love the colors!

Panty Buns said...

What absolutely fabulous and exquisitely feminine lingerie designs! I like the flowers on the Bewitching Hour Garter Belt and love the "Sway With Me" rasberry silk high waist cinched panty and all the ruffles and bows. What great finds! Normally when i use the term "frilly" when looking for blouses, babydolls, panties, bras, and corsetry i don't find much. Toad Lilly and Love Lulu Mae are obviously the kind of lingerie i'd hoped to discover in my searches.

Anonymous said...

Love the top hat!!!!


Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

The colors are gorgeous, like blueberries and raspberries! Love the panties that lace up the back!