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Monday, November 29

Gok Wan Shapewear - Petit Post

Sometimes when we have just one image we wish to share, we just post on our Facebook or Twitter page, but so many of our regular blog readers miss out on it (hint, hint, you should follow us on both of those sites).  In this case we wanted to share this beautiful picture from the Gok Wan Shapewear collection in what we are calling our petit post.  The 'Slicker Knickers' and 'Banger Booster' (aka the bra) appear quite lovely in this shot; it's refreshing to see shapewear that can be so sexy!  The rest of the collection, though attractive, doesn't come off as impressive as this image and therefore didn't make the cut for our blog.  However, you can see more of Gok Wan's designs (which includes a regular lingerie collection) and learn who he is (apparently a well-known UK stylist) on his website.  

4 fabulous comments:

Ginny Gibson said...

Yes Gok is very well known over here in the UK, he has done wonders for women with his own tv programme encouraging us to embrace our figures.

best wishes Ginny (uk)

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Love the white lines that go in on the "Slicker Knickers" making the waist look slimmer! - I can see why you chose this shot! xo

Treacle said...

I saw this line on another website, and I think it's fabulous. Really wish someone would stock it stateside.


I find this vintage look breathtaking!