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Wednesday, December 1

Maison Close - Villa Bel-Ami Lingerie Collection

images courtesy of Maison Close

Maison Close is one of the best-selling lingerie brands at Faire Frou Frou; seriously, not a day goes by when someone doesn't purchase it.  The new Fall/Winter collection arrived in our shop a few weeks ago, and we finally have most of the Villa Bel-Ami pieces on our site in the new 'rose' color.  Up until now it seems that black was the only color option for Maison Close, so we were delighted to see 'rose' added to the mix.  This collection is quite enticing perhaps because it highlights the natural curves of the body while exposing a tasteful amount of skin with its semi-sheer mesh fabric.  The Bel-Ami pieces are silky soft yet structured with its architectural contrast seams.  Plus the fit is pretty exceptional and pleasantly comfortable.  From A-cups to D-cups, the Corset Bra is a hit on most women who try it, and the matching High Waist Girdle Thong is one of those pieces that is pretty much the high-waist panty to own.
Next week we will be featuring the Maison Close Bel-Ami new arrivals in black (on their way to us now from France!).  Also, as a bit of insider information, the Bel-Ami collection is also going to be available in Gray this month. 
You can purchase Maison Close at our Los Angeles lingerie boutique & online here.

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Engra said...


Unknown said...

Hi my friend

Fantasticas lingeries.


Treacle said... I want the sheer half slip or the sheer leggings? Such a tough decision!

Rachael said...

Love these, especially the nude color!

Jessica Turnbow said...

Gorgeous and sexy in its simplicity!

Cami said...

The "rose" color looks really nice. It will be great if its also available in deep purple, which is one of my favorite color.