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Thursday, December 23

Lingerie & Photography: Andreas Kock

images via here

We have been bad, bad bloggers lately as the demands of Faire Frou Frou have kept us very busy with our customers and organizing new arrivals that have been coming in each day.  Luckily we stumbled upon some lovely lingerie images by photographer Andreas Kock for a bit of visual enticement for you!    A bit of lace here, some stockings and garters there; there's no going wrong. 

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6 fabulous comments:

Velvet Moon said...

these photos are beautiful!!

lovely blog : )

Gina Marie Vintage

daisychain said...

these are just gorgeous x

Treacle said...

Oh those leggings make me swoon. They remind me of the lace from the Strumpet & Pink knickers a few weeks back.

Mimo Chic said...

Minha linda , fizemos uma postagem de final de ano, que cabe no seu coração que esteve conosco...
bjs grandes muito amor e paz!
Lulu & Sol

Engra said...

Beautiful and sexies pictures...

Fruity Lashes said...

thsee are really sexy and the photos are cool.

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