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Tuesday, December 7

Holiday Lingerie Gift Guide - Frou Frou Style (part 2)

We didn't think we would put together another Gift Guide so soon, but we just have the best presents to share!  Here is another assortment of favorites at Faire Frou Frou, and once again these are personal favorites of ours.  Seriously, check out that Cloutier Swarovski jewelry box...who wouldn't want that for a gift?!?!  Today's guide is in direct contrast to yesterday's post in that we are featuring soft, sweet pinks and ivory.  Of course each of these items can be purchased on our online store or in our Los Angeles lingerie boutique.  The details for each these fabulous items are as follows:

1. ARI DEIN Lillian Demi Robe $470   2. Florrie Mitton 'Innocence' Garter $70   3. What Katie Did 'Cabaret' Sophia Corset  $220   4. Maison Close 'Bel-Ami' Bodysuit $95   5. Soak Delicates Wash in Scentless $10   6. Maison Close 'Bel-Ami' Skirt (also comes in black) $85   7. Cloutier Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Box $750 

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VM Creation Atelier said...

GORGEOUS,just took my breatht away!!!
Your inspiration board is fabulous,dear Alison:-)*

Hugs and cheers,