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Monday, December 6

Holiday Lingerie Gift Guide - Frou Frou Style

We are pleased to put together our first Holiday Gift Guide of the season based on actual best-selling holiday gifts thus far.  Not only are these items we've had to place re-orders for (or will be placing re-orders asap), but they are items we would personally love to receive as presents!  Of course you can purchase any of these lovely pieces on our website ( or in our Los Angeles lingerie boutique

1.  Between the Sheets 'Playdate' Robe/Jacket $165   2.   3.  Maison Close Feather Tickler $23   4.  Zinke 'Tea Party Jumper' $135 (model not included!)   5.  Zinke 'Wanderlust' Panty $90 and Bralette $100 (sold separately)   6.  Maison Close 'Cabaret Royal' Bodysuit $95

2 fabulous comments:

Unknown said...

lovely items


Petra Bellejambes said...

Great picks, so much fun and just enough sexiness.

Loving especially the Maison Close and the BTS pieces.

Hope your first holiday time in the new shop goes terrifically ladies.

xxoo - Petra