Monday, July 30

Lascivious - Fall/Winter 2012

Lola, Lascivious, basque, bustier, mesh, black, sexy

Lola, bra, garter, tights, lascivious, lingerie

images via Lascivious Photographer - James Lightbown

As we expect the new Fall/Winter 2012 collection from Lascivious to arrive at our store any day now, we wanted to give you a taste of what to expect!  We are extremely excited to present the latest group, Lola, which is featured in the first few images.  It's a new look for this sexually-charged UK luxury brand, and destined to be a best-seller!  It features pieces made from geometric circle mesh and contrasting paneling, trimmed with grosgrain elastic. The suspender tights from this group are sure to be a favorite...for those of you wishing to wear them discreetly or more provocatively! 
The Lascivious team recognizes that some of its collections are timeless and essential, which means that many of the favorites from past seasons are reissued and available once again.  For instance, the Midori bodysuit (shown above, 3rd image from the bottom) was an item we sold at our boutique about 3-4 years ago, but there's still a high demand for that very piece.
Once the new arrivals are available for purchase, we will be announcing on our Facebook page!  Make sure you're following us there for the latest news!

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Friday, July 27

Life at Faire Frou Frou (According to Instagram)

faire frou frou, alison rubke, neon

We are proud to present our first week in the life of Faire Frou Frou, according to Instagram!  You've seen this segment on pretty much every blog in existence, and we're joined the masses simply because it's so much fun!  We're also figuring there's a handful of you who don't track the Instagram App on your phone, so here we've taken the favorites of the week to share with you (by the way, you can follow us on your computer here)! 
As you can see, our pictures are a little bit Faire Frou Frou boutique, a little bit of me (Alison, one of the co-owners), and a little bit of life outside the shop (I have a weakness for photographing my pets on a frequent basis).  We are excited to offer this as a regular weekly segment on our blog, in addition to our new series Making It Work: Lingerie as Outerwear
Of course, you can always just Follow Us on Instagram  (account name fairefroufrou) so you don't have to wait the week in anticipation of what we post! 

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Tuesday, July 24

La Perla - Fall/Winter 2012 Lingerie Campaign


images via here, photos by Mary Rozzi

We've seen some stunning campaigns for La Perla over the years, and once again the iconic lingerie brand outdoes itself with yet another eye-catching set of images.  Clearly the Fall/Winter 2012 collection is Asian-inspired yet still strong with the classic Italian lingerie design.  We can't say this enough, but we love it when a lingerie brand creates a gorgeous story with its lookbook.  As always, La Perla is elegant, sophisticated and rich, so its no wonder so many of our customers ask for it (though we remind them that there is a vast world of luxury lingerie that exists that simply doesn't have the marketing dollars La Perla has!).  Our personal favorites (items we would buy for ourselves) include those in the first two images, though we would gladly take any of the pieces shown here! 
It looks like the F/W 2012 collection hasn't arrived in stores yet, but keep an eye out because it's sure to arrive soon!
(For a selection of La Perla on SALE, visit our boutique here).

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Monday, July 23

Making It Work: Lingerie as Outerwear - Kriss Soonik Edition

images via Faire Frou Frou's Instagram!

Far too often customers see something they love in our boutique and ask us if the item is lingerie or outerwear, and often times our response is BOTH! 
Our first item for our new series of Making It Work: Wearing Lingerie as Outerwear, is the Kristel Suspender Top by Kriss Soonik.  We demonstrate the lingerie use for this darling top as the first image above, and show how quite simply it can be layered with a jacket and pants to create outfit you can spend the entire day in.  Another great idea is to pair it with a pencil skirt, and that way you put those cute garter straps to good use.  Now this may seem like an extremely easy no-brainer, but we wanted to start our series off with the simplest idea.  As it is, someone may see something just like this being sold at Faire Frou Frou and ask if they can wear it outside the house!  Just because something is sold in a lingerie setting, doesn't mean you can't get the double benefit of using the item both inside and outside the bedroom.
As for the Kristel Suspender Top, it is THE original garter strap top made from viscose jersey that is treated with an anti-pilling treatment (talk about attention to detail!).  It has a dramatic cut-out at the back that is accented with a sweet satin bow.  Now if you're really good, you will wear this top with the matching panties underneath, and that way have an instant day-to-night look!

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Mierswa & Kluska: Jewelry & Garter Belts

images via Mierswa & Kluska

Accenting your garters & hosiery with diamonds & jewels is the ultimate in luxury embellishment, and in this case, the ultimate in an eye-catching jewelry ad campaign.  These images for Park Avenue jewelry caught our eye not so much for the gems but for the sexy hosiery and the peek of pretty lingerie.  The funny thing is that we thought these photos were an update to those we posted on our blog a few years back from V Magazine.  The reality is that these have nothing to do with it, and just share the coincidence of similar styling, concept and posing (maybe not a coincidence then?).  Anyhow, we wish we had some credits for the hosiery and lingerie, but sadly there are none.  In the meantime, we can simply be inspired by the look and maybe do a simpler, small-scale version of this for ourselves!
By the way, here's one image from the V Magazine shoot we referenced above...

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