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Monday, July 23

Mierswa & Kluska: Jewelry & Garter Belts

images via Mierswa & Kluska

Accenting your garters & hosiery with diamonds & jewels is the ultimate in luxury embellishment, and in this case, the ultimate in an eye-catching jewelry ad campaign.  These images for Park Avenue jewelry caught our eye not so much for the gems but for the sexy hosiery and the peek of pretty lingerie.  The funny thing is that we thought these photos were an update to those we posted on our blog a few years back from V Magazine.  The reality is that these have nothing to do with it, and just share the coincidence of similar styling, concept and posing (maybe not a coincidence then?).  Anyhow, we wish we had some credits for the hosiery and lingerie, but sadly there are none.  In the meantime, we can simply be inspired by the look and maybe do a simpler, small-scale version of this for ourselves!
By the way, here's one image from the V Magazine shoot we referenced above...

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2 fabulous comments:

Christina said...

I love the stockings!
Ha! I think the styling is too close to not be inspired. But, who knows?!
Both sets of photos are well done though.

Luxury Zone said...

Very nice photos!