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Monday, July 23

Making It Work: Lingerie as Outerwear - Kriss Soonik Edition

images via Faire Frou Frou's Instagram!

Far too often customers see something they love in our boutique and ask us if the item is lingerie or outerwear, and often times our response is BOTH! 
Our first item for our new series of Making It Work: Wearing Lingerie as Outerwear, is the Kristel Suspender Top by Kriss Soonik.  We demonstrate the lingerie use for this darling top as the first image above, and show how quite simply it can be layered with a jacket and pants to create outfit you can spend the entire day in.  Another great idea is to pair it with a pencil skirt, and that way you put those cute garter straps to good use.  Now this may seem like an extremely easy no-brainer, but we wanted to start our series off with the simplest idea.  As it is, someone may see something just like this being sold at Faire Frou Frou and ask if they can wear it outside the house!  Just because something is sold in a lingerie setting, doesn't mean you can't get the double benefit of using the item both inside and outside the bedroom.
As for the Kristel Suspender Top, it is THE original garter strap top made from viscose jersey that is treated with an anti-pilling treatment (talk about attention to detail!).  It has a dramatic cut-out at the back that is accented with a sweet satin bow.  Now if you're really good, you will wear this top with the matching panties underneath, and that way have an instant day-to-night look!

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7 fabulous comments:

Unknown said...

aww i love the suspender top!!


Unknown said...

aww i love the suspender top!!


Treacle said...

Yay!!! Sooo happy you've turned your lingerie + fashion combos into a regular series. This is what I've been waiting for.

Unknown said...

love the suspender top as outwear! perfect way to sass it up without showing too much skin :)

xo SideSmile,

SideSmile Style Blog

Margarita Bloom said...

Looking so fabulous Alison! Great top (and necklace!!) Dang, I love your hair sweets!! Wish I could get mine to look that marvelous. xx

Fashion Allure said...

It's so unusual, looks gorgeous on you! Xx

King Fashion said...

Love your sense of style...everything just looks fabulous on you!!