Sunday, October 31

ID Sarrieri - Your Luxury Lingerie Cure-All


all images via ID Sarrieri

With just one glance at the latest ID Sarrieri Fall 2010 collection you get an immediate lesson on what luxury lingerie looks like.  Chantilly lace, Swarovski crystals, silk georgette and satin combine to create a feast for the eyes.  Designer Iulia Dobrin knows how to create high-fashion pieces that maintain a classic, timeless appeal. 
We like how this is likely the 3rd time this month we have included a lace blindfold on our blog...from Maison Close to Carine Gilson, it seems to be the lingerie accessory to have!  Even we did a recent pin-up lingerie shoot at Faire Frou Frou and the lace eye-mask was one of our key pieces.  Sometimes it's those little accessories that add just the right touch of personality to an ensemble...even if it's your lingerie! 
Once again ID Sarrieri has hit a home-run this season with the new collection.  The tiered lace ruffle panties is an item we're particularly liking.  Which piece do you have on your wishlist?

To purchase ID Sarrieri items on sale, click here

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Friday, October 29

My Fair Lady; Handmade Lingerie

Photos by Michael SD, Models Ann & Victoria, Make-up by Mae Smith

My Fair Lady is a UK lingerie label that was established in 2009 by Rae-Emily Smith.  The brand includes lingerie and loungewear that is handmade to order, which essentially makes it a couture label!  However, you won't see couture prices, with bras around $50 and panties around $35 (the collection is priced in GBP so it's an estimate).  The vibrantly colored items shown in this post are from the 'Indian Summer' group, and we hear that the new Winter collection will be unveiled shortly!     
We've discovered quite a few made-to-order lingerie labels lately, most notably Toad Lillie (who created a special collection exclusively for Faire Frou Frou that's being posted on our blog next week) and Hopeless Lingerie (which was featured on the blog about a week ago).  What makes each of these brands so special is that the designer is the individual who is sewing each piece.  It's wonderful to see such talent, particularly since we don't sew and wish we had the skills (and patience) to create something from scratch. 
You can purchase the Indian Summer collection from My Fair Lady on her website here.  

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Wednesday, October 27

Carine Gilson & Atsuko Kudo for Lingerie New York 2010

The illuminated black lace corset was designed by Dara Young for the Hennessy presentation during the show


 select photos by Brandon Remier, Barry J. Holmes & De Morgen Mode

The lingerie event of the year recently occurred when the Seven Bar Foundation hosted Lingerie New York 2010 at Cipriani 42nd Street.  The event, which raised $500,000 for philanthropic causes, featured the works of Carine Gilson and Atsuko Kudo in a spectacular runway show.  Carine Gilson was celebrating the 20th anniversary of her eponymous luxury lingerie label with her signature silk and lace designs.  She unveiled her latest collection that included a few shimmery ivory pieces that we are eager to see more of.  Also featured was the work of Japanese couture latex lingerie designer Atsuko Kudo.  Model Veronica Webb modeled the buzz-worthy Space Lace illuminated LED-light corset designed by Dara Young for the Hennessy Black Moment of the show.  Other models at the event included Elsa Benitez, Crystal Renn, and Liya Kebede.
We hear that perhaps the next Seven Bar lingerie/charity event will take place in Los Angeles, and we will certainly make sure to be in attendance!
If you are unfamiliar with the Seven Bar Foundation, it is a charitable organization that offers microfinancing to women in underprivileged countries.  You can learn more about their cause here.

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Monday, October 25

Strumpet & Pink; Over-the-Top Fabulous Knickers

 all images courtesy of Strumpet & Pink

It's no wonder Strumpet & Pink designs only panties; they stick to what they do best.  The lace panties featured at the top of this post have got to be the most gorgeous knickers we have seen in a long time...simply exquisite!  The high-waist panty (known as 'A Private Function') are made from vintage lace (check out the paisley lace pattern) with velvet suspenders and black satin buttons.  Of course we are in the process of getting these beauties in our have the option of purchasing the vintage lace version (which would sell for approximately $1,470) or the contemporary lace version (which would be priced lower than the vintage piece).  For those of you who are familiar with Strumpet & Pink, this UK label creates undies that are akin to works of art.  Granted, it's wearable art...kind of like a couture gown. 
The pink knit "Mimi Gone High and Fluffy" high-waist panty is made out of 100% cashmere (the type that gets softer each time it is worn).  The buttons, knit ruffles and belt are just too cute!  The rust-colored silk panties are the classic "Hunting Through the Ruffles" style, but this time you have the option of purchasing matching silk cap sleeves.  The updated version of this panty has more ruffles than before, which makes the collection that much more frou-frou!
You can purchase Strumpet & Pink on sale at Faire Frou Frou, and if you're interested in ordering any of the pieces featured in this post just email us (info at fairefroufrou dot com).  We will certainly let you know when the new styles arrive in our boutique (in time for the holidays)!

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Friday, October 22

Our 2 Contest Winners Announced!

Carine Gilson bustier

Our Breast Cancer Awareness giveaway was a wonderful success (we received 524 entries!), and now it's time to announce our 2 winners. 
The very lucky winners (chosen at random) of our beauty products gift set (Vera Wang perfume, MOR cosmetics soaps, O.P.I. nailpolish & more) are:
Thank you again to everyone who entered and spread the word.  We would like to remind you that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you can visit the official NBCAM website here.

Tuesday, October 19

Hopeless Lingerie; Because Once Wasn't Enough

 images via Hopeless Lingerie, Photos by Jo Duck, Model Lulu Wagstaffe

For the first time ever, we're doing a 2-part feature on a lingerie brand because there's so much to share!  If you aren't already familiar with Hopeless Lingerie, you need to be.  This Australian lingerie label is becoming a worldwide sensation from their success as an Etsy boutique (and now more recently their own online store).  We're not sure if it's coincidence or marketing genius that prompted Gaby at Hopeless to reveal her new collection in small doses, but she has us waiting for what comes next.  As of this very moment, Gaby (the designer) told us that even more images from her Fall shoot will be revealed.  In the meantime, we leave you with these!  The beauty of the red 'Ashley Chiffon Camisole' alone (shown in the first few pictures) was reason enough to do another post on Hopeless!  
Check out our last post on Hopeless (just below) or click here.

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