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Friday, October 29

My Fair Lady; Handmade Lingerie

Photos by Michael SD, Models Ann & Victoria, Make-up by Mae Smith

My Fair Lady is a UK lingerie label that was established in 2009 by Rae-Emily Smith.  The brand includes lingerie and loungewear that is handmade to order, which essentially makes it a couture label!  However, you won't see couture prices, with bras around $50 and panties around $35 (the collection is priced in GBP so it's an estimate).  The vibrantly colored items shown in this post are from the 'Indian Summer' group, and we hear that the new Winter collection will be unveiled shortly!     
We've discovered quite a few made-to-order lingerie labels lately, most notably Toad Lillie (who created a special collection exclusively for Faire Frou Frou that's being posted on our blog next week) and Hopeless Lingerie (which was featured on the blog about a week ago).  What makes each of these brands so special is that the designer is the individual who is sewing each piece.  It's wonderful to see such talent, particularly since we don't sew and wish we had the skills (and patience) to create something from scratch. 
You can purchase the Indian Summer collection from My Fair Lady on her website here.  

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6 fabulous comments:

Treacle said...

Loving these colors! So vibrant and fashionable. Great find, Frou Frou!

joei ♥ said...

love the mix of colors! and hand-made? impressive :)

definitely, maybe

Anonymous said...

Those colours are awesome!!!|


The French Maid said...

Such pretty color combinations! That little one shoulder top is adorable and everyone needs sheer geenie pants! Too fun!
--Lee Ann

Ana said...

I love how colourful these pieces are!

Exquisite Accessories said...

So nice to see handmade products & people buying, lovely of you to support them!!