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Monday, October 25

Strumpet & Pink; Over-the-Top Fabulous Knickers

 all images courtesy of Strumpet & Pink

It's no wonder Strumpet & Pink designs only panties; they stick to what they do best.  The lace panties featured at the top of this post have got to be the most gorgeous knickers we have seen in a long time...simply exquisite!  The high-waist panty (known as 'A Private Function') are made from vintage lace (check out the paisley lace pattern) with velvet suspenders and black satin buttons.  Of course we are in the process of getting these beauties in our have the option of purchasing the vintage lace version (which would sell for approximately $1,470) or the contemporary lace version (which would be priced lower than the vintage piece).  For those of you who are familiar with Strumpet & Pink, this UK label creates undies that are akin to works of art.  Granted, it's wearable art...kind of like a couture gown. 
The pink knit "Mimi Gone High and Fluffy" high-waist panty is made out of 100% cashmere (the type that gets softer each time it is worn).  The buttons, knit ruffles and belt are just too cute!  The rust-colored silk panties are the classic "Hunting Through the Ruffles" style, but this time you have the option of purchasing matching silk cap sleeves.  The updated version of this panty has more ruffles than before, which makes the collection that much more frou-frou!
You can purchase Strumpet & Pink on sale at Faire Frou Frou, and if you're interested in ordering any of the pieces featured in this post just email us (info at fairefroufrou dot com).  We will certainly let you know when the new styles arrive in our boutique (in time for the holidays)!

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14 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! They really do lovely work!

Unknown said...


i want pleaseee :D*

Copious Couture said...

I knit one.... so amazing!!!!!! I love!!!!!


coco kailee said...

Strumpet & Pink is one of my favorite designers! This is exactly why too :} hehe

xoxo coco

Anonymous said...

amazing designs!!!

Andrea said...

First one is da bomb!

Unknown said...

Oh My! Those are gorgeous! I love the first ones!! Who am I kidding they are all amazing!

Couture Carrie said...

Absolutely stunning knickers!
Especially loving that first pair!


Katie@knickers said...

GASP!!! And I see a lot of lingerie and rarely am I trying to justify not paying rent for a pair of knickers. These are unbelievably beautiful. Way to go Alison!

Anonymous said...

I need that pink one in my life!!!


Melanie's Randomness said...

They might be over the top but I LOVE some of them!! I love the first one & it's back!!

Adrian Saddler said...

Interesting photos.

Unknown said...

oh my my! i'm in love!!! that cranberry pair... oh my gosh!!! and the first pair!! i just can't take it! FABULOUS post!

Ag Lulu Mae

Miss Kitty Plum said...

Oh my they are simply stunning! I love the black lace ones at the top. It would be amazing if they did do matching bras!