Wednesday, April 29

Lingerie Inspiration - Scarlett Johansson

VOGUE Paris photos by Mario Sorrenti
Scarlett Johansson is wearing Dolce & Gabbana

above: photo by Tom Munro (image not from Vogue Paris)

The latest issue of Vogue Paris features Scarlett Johansson, who happens to do a wonderful job representing the lingerie world! In the pictures above, she is seen wearing Dolce & Gabbana as she is now their beauty line spokesperson. Scarlett has an amazing figure that just begs to be dressed in a gorgeous bustier, and she knows how to flaunt her assets! We just love the bra in the top photo!!

Monday, April 27

Danielle Bedics Photography

above: Kelly Devoto

above: Gretchen Bonaduce

above: Dita von Teese, living icon

Above: "Burlesque Cabaret Showgirl" Coco Framboise, whom we met at our photo session with Danielle. The lingerie was specifically designed for Coco by Christina Manuge of Manuge et Toi Corsetry & Burlesque Costume Design

all images copyright 2009 Danielle Bedics

Danielle Bedics, pinup photographer extraordinaire, has just launched her new website. She is not only a talented photographer who has worked with the biggest names in the pinup world (ahem, Dita von Teese), but she is also accessible to ladies such as you and I who would like a portrait done. Really, what better way to show off your cute little undies than with a fun, sweet photo shoot! We work with a lot of customers who put together the most darling ensembles for their pinup portraits - we love it! Actually, if you dig down enough in Danielle's website, you will find one of our very own portraits that we did with her (luckily it's very little so you can't zoom in!!).  We ended up wearing head-to-toe Fifi Chachnil for shoot with Danielle.
We can't wait to work with Danielle Bedics again!

Friday, April 24

Have a Lovely Weekend!

photo by Camilla Akrans

We're heading out early for the weekend, but wanted to leave a little swimsuit eye-candy for you! We hope you enjoy a bit of sun and fun!

Thursday, April 23

Sweet Cheeks

above: image by Ellen von Unwerth

Damaris "Incandescence" Knickers

Fleur T - Something Blue Knickers

Strumpet & Pink "Garden of Delights" knickers

MYLA - Annabelle Button-Back knickers

Miss Lala Presents... - Chocolate Box Panties

We have noticed that quite a few of the panties in our boutique make quite a presentation from the back - don't you agree? From bows and ruffles to fun embroidery, there are such adorable options right now. Granted, most of these are 'special occasion' pieces - so you're not supposed to wonder if these will work under a pair of jeans. These are strictly for flaunting!
For more unique panties, click here!

Wednesday, April 22

Delightfully Girly

Photographed by Marcus Ohlsson, styled by Sofie Dillon, copyright 2009

No lingerie ensemble is complete without marabou slippers - especially these! How cute!

Tuesday, April 21

And Speaking of Retro Swimwear...

photographs courtesy of Audre Rae Photography

In our last post, we featured swimwear from Brooklyn-based brand Hayden-Harnett, and now we have another Brooklyn designer to share with you: Elizabeth O'Brien Berg. We don't know too much about this brand, as it appears to be fairly new. Nonetheless, let the adorable pictures speak for themselves! If you are interested in purchasing one of these designs (or to see what else she has), you can email Elizabeth at
What's interesting is that this is the 3rd Brooklyn talent we've featured this week; the other brand is The Lake & Stars. There's a lot of talent in that NYC borough!

Hayden-Harnett Swimwear

detail of the very cute 'boudoir' print suit

We recently discovered the brand Hayden-Harnett, a Brooklyn-based accessories and handbag brand that was established in 1999. Until recently, we did not know of the brand (where have we been?!?!), but all of that changed with the introduction of their swimwear line! The styles are very kitschy retro-inspired, and one of their swimsuits was recently featured in New York Magazine's (The Cut) article "Pinup-girl Style Makes a Comeback this Spring". With styles like this, no wonder the look makes a comeback!
Below is a picture of the brand's founders, Ben & Toni. We love that they included pictures of their cats on their website - they must be good people!

Monday, April 20

Truce - by The Lake & Stars

The latest group from The Lake & Stars, Truce, is now in stock! This collection is so adorable - even photos don't do it justice! This weekend alone, while price-tagging the new arrivals, and we sold almost all of the Truce Camisoles on the spot!
This collection is made from silk chiffon and ethereal ribbons of tulle and metallic cotton. You are probably thinking the Truce camisole looks vaguely familiar - and it is. It is the Spring 2009 version of the "We're on Break" camisole that was featured in "Sex & The City: The Movie". The desingers, Maayan and Nikki, recommend that you wear the romper and camisole from this group as outerwear; "These featherweight pieces can be worn alone or paired with a tank top and jeans or a high waisted skirt...We like to pair the bra top with an opaque top and a high waisted full skirt". We couldn't agree more! The designers also state that the "ivory pieces are a perfect purchase for the bride-to-be who is searching for the item which is not to frilly, yet sensual sensual and modern".

Loungewear & Photography

images copyright Yelena Yemchuk

Today we would like to share a small sampling of Yelena Yemchuk's photography. Born in the Ukraine, and raised in the U.S., Yelena not only is a professional photographer, but also studied and worked as a graphic artist and music video director.
The top image is our favorite - love the stockings and the high-waist tap pant. What a pretty way to lounge around!

Friday, April 17

We Had to Pass This Along!

copyright 2009, image courtesy of Chritsey Rowe (Couture Boudoir)

We were recently interviewed by our customer and fellow lingerie-lover, Maria (Masha) Savitz, for an article she prepared for The Enoch Times. In it, she beautifully pinpoints the artistry that is European lingerie. She tackles the European sensibility toward intimate apparel versus that of Americans, as well as the craft of lingerie manufacturing in Europe that makes their lingerie so sought-after.
Please take a moment to read Masha's article, as it demonstrates why we (Faire Frou Frou) do what we do and what makes our brands so dear to our hearts!

Fifi Flowers for Faire Frou Frou (Tongue Twister!)

We were so delighted that Fifi Flowers, daily whimsical painter extraordinaire, created yet another painting as inspired by our blog/boutique. The second image was inspired by the Ellen von Unwerth photograph that's posted on our blog of a model wearing Chantal Thomass lingerie. Certainly we can understand her being inspired by that adorable image! We also spotted another image based on a photo on our blog (or a lot of people's blogs for that matter!), which is the Kristen Dunst as Marie Antoinette. It doesn't get any more 'fifi' than that!
About a year ago, Fifi Flowers created another painting, inspired by our boutique's front window display (also shown above). What an honor!
For those of you interested in purchasing from Fifi's extensive collection of paintings (or even commissioning one...I bet she will do that!), just visit her site or her etsy store. For the original post with the Chantal Thomass image, along with more details about the lingerie designer herself, visit this link.

Tuesday, April 14

Vannina Vesperini - Spring 2009

Imperiale Chemise (above) - We love this picture. We also have this chemise in stock!

Magique Bra & Tanga (above) - this set is very cute - it has pink & blue "confetti" embroidery that you can't really identify in this picture. You can see the detail better when you click on the picture to view the item on our online store...

Etonnante Bra & Shorty (above) - We have the camisole tie-top & tanga that matches this set in stock.

Imperiale bra & panty (above) - we have this set at the boutique. It's a gorgeous set in person...we wish we had a close-up picture to share, but not yet.

If you have shopped at our boutique, you will know that we are big fans of Vannina Vesperini. She is a French lingerie designer who has created a niche with her 'visible lingerie' collections; which means she creates pieces that are meant to be layered or shown as part of your outerwear. Often times Vannina will create a bra and panty, and also design a matching camisole, sweater, skirt and/or wrap so that the look can be worn out. The bras in her collection are so luscious and beautifully-detailed, it's no wonder she makes it possible for you to show them off!
We will be posting some of the items you see here to our online boutique (we just need to get them properly photographed!)...they are currently available and selling in our Studio City store.