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Friday, April 17

We Had to Pass This Along!

copyright 2009, image courtesy of Chritsey Rowe (Couture Boudoir)

We were recently interviewed by our customer and fellow lingerie-lover, Maria (Masha) Savitz, for an article she prepared for The Enoch Times. In it, she beautifully pinpoints the artistry that is European lingerie. She tackles the European sensibility toward intimate apparel versus that of Americans, as well as the craft of lingerie manufacturing in Europe that makes their lingerie so sought-after.
Please take a moment to read Masha's article, as it demonstrates why we (Faire Frou Frou) do what we do and what makes our brands so dear to our hearts!

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Charlie said...

Great article, and fab blog! It is wonderful to find a spot where we can find and keep informed on the beautiful and delicate things we love. Like most women, I love beautiful lingerie especially from designers like Jean Yu, Chantelle, La Perla and others
and so this is a real treat.

I wanted to say, thanks for stopping my blog today. I was thrilled. I look forward to spending time dicovering your lovely blog and shop!


Unknown said...

Thank you Charlie! We are so pleased you stopped by our blog as well!
Please keep checking in with us, and we will certainly be checking back with you and the beautiful happenings in Finland!

Tina Tarnoff said...

congratulations - great article. and as I said before, I adore your lingerie:)

Averill said...

Your blog (and online shop) is gorgeous and your taste in lingerie is exquisite. I'm bookmarking you now!

By the way, thanks so much for stopping by Odi et Amo today!

Averill said...

PS: You have no idea how jealous I am that you've been to the PDC. ;)

Unknown said...

what a beautiful article..!"There is also an antique church altar used for the store's sales desk and rustic urns filled with ostrich feather dusters. .." Sounds divine!! I would love to stop by your stop and buy lots of your fabulous lingerie!!!! Actually I think what I love today now!


Cool blog. Love this kind of glam lingerie :)


kerri said...

how much do i wish i was in california right now? your stuff is magical! big big love from edinburgh xxxx

Wondering Helen said...

Mme. Frou-Frou: Thanks so much for visiting my cupboard the other day. It's always wonderful to meet someone new, especially such a talented duo. Now, I need to peruse your blog, and make sure I see all the pretty underthings you offer. Visit me again sometime!