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Wednesday, April 1

Swan Original

image courtesy of Rene Gruau

We just started carrying the Swan Original label in our boutique. This lingerie brand, established in 1947, was once under the creative direction of famed illustrator Rene Gruau (who created numerous images we know today, particularly his illustrations for Christian Dior). Swan Original is now under the same umbrella as the company that owns Ritratti, an Italian lingerie manufacturer. We now have two collections at our boutique, Macrame (shown) and Perle. The Macrame group is very seductive, and slightly naughty...which means it will be popular! The Perle group (images coming soon) includes bras and panties in ivory silk with tiny pearl accents. Our favorite piece is the Plunge Bodysuit - quite sexy!

2 fabulous comments:

Megan Rose said...

Wow, those are some fancy knickers. Love them!

kathleen said...

Looovve it!