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Monday, April 6

Miss Lala Presents...

Les Patisseries - the best-seller from Miss Lala Presents...
It reminds us of Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette"

Chocolate Box

Vintage Pearls

Powder Puff

Roller Girl

'Miss Lala Presents...' is a fairly new lingerie label from the UK that perfectly captures the essence of Faire Frou Frou; it's girly, sweet, retro, and fun! We now carry the line, and brought in the ultra adorable Chocolate Box collection. Seriously, it doesn't get any cuter than that! We have included a few other looks from their current Spring/Summer '09 season, including the brand's best-seller, Les Patisseries. The look is very Laduree meets Faire Frou Frou, don't you agree?

7 fabulous comments:

Unknown said...

I just love this line! It does remind me of Marie Antoinette! I love the knickers with the heart on the back! Too cute :)

Christina said...

loving the frills and bows on these pieces. these are simply not meant to be covered up, but worn around w/a fancy pair of heels.

tanya said...

wow, how do you do it?? I love these!! They look delicious :-)

la la Lovely said...

Pretty pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog. My floors are turning out pretty well... good luck with yours. Here is a blog I found with some good pointers.


Also, my painter just told me today that we probably should have primed with oil paint to cover up the knots, as it is knotty pine, because they will yellow over time but oil will seal it in better. We just did a latex primer. Oh well. Thought I would pass along the tip though! Good luck!

Unknown said...

thank you ladies! we love these designs too!

la la Lovely - THANK YOU for the very sweet suggestions on painting our floor. it's a daunting task, and i'm happy to see that i bought the correct paint!

Paula A said...

Love the retro feel of this line...gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I was thinking of Marie Antoinette when I saw the Les Patisseries set, as well. And the Roller Girl offering? Very Lolita. So girly chic - I love all of it!