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Friday, September 21

Fifi Chachnil teams up with Maison Lavabre Cadet

We recently received our Fall/Winter Fifi Chachnil shipment, and were pleased to see our long-awaited accessory; beautiful hand-crafted leather gloves! Though we posted about this piece a few months ago, we did not elaborate on what makes these gloves such a work of art. Fifi Chachnil, the queen of French lingerie, teamed up with Maison Lavabre Cadet, the world's foremost leather glove craftsmen. For over 60 years, Maison Lavabre Cadet has been covering the hands of the elite, based out of the French city of Millau which is known as the historic capital of leather gloves. They specialize in made-to-measure pieces that are handcut from precious skins, mink, ostrich, and crocodile.
At Faire Frou Frou, we are proud to represent a small part of the history of Lavabre Cadet, and simply love the scalloped edges, beautiful stitching and tiny pearl buttons on the gloves in our boutique. We have read that Maison Lavabre Cadet only partners with the most esteemed designers for their collaborations, so that says a lot about the talents and reputation of Fifi Chachnil!
We have included an extra press image (of Christina Aguilera) of Fifi Chachnil's lingerie so you get a sample of Fifi's design style/look.

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Champagne Macarons said...

I love the pink Fifi chachnil gloves!! Do you have them in stock in your boutique? xoxo, B