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Tuesday, August 10

Triumph Inspiration Awards - Cast Your Vote!

Nikolay Bojilov - love this piece!  it's a bit Lascivious meets Bordelle
meets Maison Close
Liisa Nieminen - so pretty!  a definite must for Lady Gaga!
Ludovico Loffreda
Peet Dullaert
Suzanne Ferncombe - the puffs remind us of French macarons

Karine Feldman - we would love to carry this piece at Faire Frou Frou!

Justin Singh - the hoops got our attention, but the bra & panty
are pretty spectacular

Dennis Lyngso

Anette Boman
images courtesy of Triumph International, via here and here

We just discovered the best online contest (open worldwide, except to the USA)! Lingerie brand Triumph International is hosting a worldwide lingerie competition (for students only) in which those of us who vote for the best look have a chance at winning 2 tickets to the VIP Triumph Inspiration Award Ceremony.  The event takes place in London on September 16th and the winner will be treated to a night’s stay at the Jurys Inn Hotel in Chelsea and receive a set of Triumph Shape Sensation underwear. Sounds good to us.
The official details are as follows:
Much-loved lingerie brand Triumph International has invited fashion students from around the world to come up with a design for autumn/winter’s most inspiring underwear. The theme for this year’s competition was ‘shape sensation’ – to shape women with lingerie that brings out the best in them while celebrating their uniqueness. Which of these amazing designs do you think is the future of fashion? Cast your vote and you could be a VIP guest at the award ceremony in London on 16 September.
The designer crowned winner of the Triumph Inspiration Award 2010 will win €15,000 to help them launch their career, plus their lingerie showpiece will be turned into a limited-edition Triumph product, sold worldwide!  There's a lot of talent in this group, so we're excited to see who wins.
We have attached images of some of our favorite designs, but you can see all 27 finalists and cast your vote here.   You have until August 31, 2010 to vote.

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32 fabulous comments:

Sherin said...

I am so excited for the finals. I was at the UK finals and I'm also going to this final. All the designs are amazing.

Unknown said...

Sherin - lucky you! i can't wait to see who wins...i definitely have a few favorites.

Katie@Knickersblog said...

Sadness. Unless otherwise stated, competitions/giveaways/promotions are open to UK residents only.

Unknown said...

Katie - I had a feeling that was the case as I didn't see any links acknowledging the U.S.
Is it really just UK residents? I can't see where it says that...I thought maybe Canadians could enter...I'll dig around a bit more.
luckily we have loads of UK blog readers!!

Petra Bellejambes said...

I'm with you on the Bojilov piece chere Mme FF. He seems most ready of the contestants to take a job in the business, and most inclined to take inspiration from the right sources (i.e. the female form).

Lingerie designers who lose sight of that, and seek inspiration elsewhere sometimes wander a little too far off the range, yes?

Shame we can't win from here in the colonies. I was beginning to plan a hat purchase :)

xxoo - Petra

Unknown said...

Petra, your comments always make me smile.
"here in the colonies..." priceless!
xox alison

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Wow those are all so awesome!! Half of those are must have for Gaga and the macarons sleeve piece is a must have for Beyonce, in my opinion!! My personal favorite is the bodysuit by Nikolay Bojilov - I want it!!!!

Engra said...

I like all of these!!
I remember me when I play in this award in Spain!!

joana said...


Claudet said...


Emilie said...


Orphin Lasz said...

All of these are GORGEOUS!!
I really liked this blog... it's amazing! I didn't know there would be so many different shapes and varieties to lingerie... it's simply marvelous...! * ^ *

~ Orphin's Domains ~

Denisa L said...

love Karine Feldman, off to vote her!

Maja Miusow said...

this piece by Nikolay Bojilov is amazing! said...

Wow you have made my day for 3 reasons... 1. these images are are following my blog and ..3.i discovered your blog and i love it and follow it xxx your friend from xxx

therawpower said...

Can’t wait for the result.
You have got such a lovely blog, you must have put a lot of effort in it.
Great photos, I am officially following you now =)
Thanks for your lovely comment, it means a lot for me, it is my motivation
A fashion blogger based in Australia and Hong Kong.
Stay tune for my “what is in my bag” post.
you can also follow me on twitter
and blog lovin

Val said...

these are AMAZINGGG. True works of art xx

Danielle Barbe said...

all amazing!

Rachella - said...

Thank you for your comment. I think Holland is definitely a nice country to visit. I like esp. Amsterdam a lot!
Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?

Carolina Krews said...

Great pictures and creations! Love it...


Carolina said...

these looks are to die for!!! xxx xxx

Unknown said...

OMG these are amazing! xxxx

Oh my Dior! said...

wow this is pure creativity

Valerie Friedrich said...

Hiii. Thanks so much for leaving a comment! My best friend and I nearly died, as we adore your store and your Blog.

I'll have to stop by one day to say hello in person.

XO Valerie

Unknown said...

I love every outfit. But I love the second the most.

Fashionlee said...

I llove the first pic, its so sexyy!

Vivian said...

I could see these as lingerie for in the home, otherwise I don't see how someone could legally wear them in public. The models are stunning.

Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

oh my word. so freaking incredible. i love the liisa neiminen look and the last one!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

These are utterly gorgeous and unique and glamorous. A few of them even remind me of Lady Gaga (in a good way!).

Julia said...

The first design...omg obsessed!

Pomme d'Ours said...

Whoa I want it!

Brooke said...

Wow...these pieces are so creative and wonderful.