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Tuesday, February 10

What Better Way to Show Off Those Legs...

We are proud to introduce our latest line at Faire Frou Frou - FALKE hosiery! FALKE is a German company that has been producing fine hosiery since 1895 (and has since been run by 4 generations of the same family), and prides itself on its innovative designs and high quality products.

We have brought 8 new styles into our boutique, in an effort to find something classic, refined and high-fashion. Our favorite style is the Pure Matt 20 stockings (shown below as a Stay Up) - just a simple satin band around the thigh, and a matte transparent leg. This style works well because it doesn't compete with the lace/style of the garters and panties it is being matched with. Sometimes the simplest stockings are the best; they make a heck of an impact without overshadowing the lingerie.
As far as your legs go, the FALKE marketing campaign says: It's "FALKE or nothing".

the Falke Pure Matt 20 Stay Ups

2 fabulous comments:

Tricia said...

these are gorgeous, thanks for the intro. I love the last ones, too.

Anonymous said...

To die for!!