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Tuesday, February 17

Damaris - Oh-So-Girly and Fresh

We recently received the new Spring collection from Damaris, and it's getting quite a reaction! The Incandescence group, the pieces made from white polka dot lace with flourescent pink accents, has been in our store window for about a week and has drawn in many passers-by.
The 2 groups that are currently available are 'Incandescence' and 'Tullett'. The Tullett group is ivory silk with grosgrain detailing, and silk chiffon flower accents. We think the pictures of this group don't do it justice...in person the details are just lovely.
Check out the pictures and see for yourself why Incandescence has caused a stir...it's a statement group that celebrates your inner girly girl! Actually, that can be said for all of Damaris's designs.
You can buy these pieces, along with other Damaris collections, here.

4 fabulous comments:

Lolita Hazed said...

Oh my God, how pretty! I really hope this means Mimi Holliday will start making garters too!

Anonymous said...

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Lydia said...

I love this!

Amelia said...

The pink and polka doted lace looks so awesome and cute. Do they have big size bras in this pattern. That is one of the problem that I face. I might like few of the designs but getting my size is a big issue. Fairefroufrou seems to have excellent collection of lingerie. That too in myriads of colors! I have seen their loungewear with one of my friend. That was also looking so sexy. I liked their bridal collection also. One of my friends is getting married next month and I think I can ask her to check out this site.