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Tuesday, October 2

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It's time to 'think pink' for Breast Cancer Awareness month!
This is a reminder to do your monthly breast self-examination (if you're over age 20) since we know that early detection is critical to successful treatment.
For more information, we suggest that you check out the Susan G. Komen for the Cure website (click here). Also, their site has the Promise Shop where you can buy some fun goodies in which 50-80% of the price of all items sold funds research and community outreach programs. These programs ultimately save lives and will hopefully end breast cancer forever. Of course, you can also send in a donation! There are numerous organizations devoted to battling breast cancer (just Google search it), and also plenty of tips for reducing your risk. Some suggestions are: Cut down on alcohol, eat fruit, get out and walk, avoid HRT, lose weight (if you suffer from obesity) and get screened! Those are just a few pointers, but really the ultimate goal is to crush this disease altogether with research and discovering a cure.
In spirit of thinking pink, we've posted some pretty pink lingerie items for you!

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