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Friday, June 26

Bones and Roses - 2 Outfits in 1

Audrey Romper - reversible as shown above & below
Audrey Romper
Marilyn Wrap
Audrey Romper (below) - reversible
Rita Robe (below) - reversible as shown
detail of open sleeve on the Marilyn Wrap
Marilyn Wrap (below) - reversible
images courtesy of Bones and Roses

We are so excited to share our latest new arrival at Faire Frou Frou, a gorgeous line called Bones and Roses. This new line features a colorful array of robes, wraps and rompers made in a lusciously soft silk charmeuse. The moment we first saw these pieces in person, we knew we had to have it! As cute as it may seem in the pictures, it's that much better in person!

The concept of the line is how opposites attract; bones and roses, edgy and feminine, daywear to nightwear, light against dark. Each piece by Bones and Roses is an example of that dichotomy, particularly since each robe/wrap is reversible. You get two outfits in one! We love that!

Probably our favorite piece is the Audrey Romper, but it's really hard to choose one favorite after trying on each style. We love that these pieces are can wear the more dramatic color side at night, and the other side during the day. We have seen the Audrey Romper and the Marilyn Wrap worn as ready-to-wear, and they are amazing.

Bones and Roses is the brainchild of designer Emy Hovanseyan, who was mentored while producing her line by the famous shoe designer Taryn Rose.

The new collection is available here.

10 fabulous comments:

Stacie said...

Love them all but that Marilyn Wrap in Blue is just divine! Be still my heart...

Maria Confer said...

These are lovely. Such a cool concept. Love the midnight blue shade.

Anonymous said...

Can you say sexy?

Sherin said...

Woww. They're so cool and gorgeous. I love that Rita Robe.

Beth Connolly said...

The romper is fabulous!

TheBeautyFile said...

Omg that Marilyn wrap is stunning! Looks incredibly comfy too...I just added you to my syllabus - {blogroll} guys are so glam!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That is a romper I can get behind!

Vern said...

amazing! great romper.

Style Redux said...

These are gorgeous. I can't decide!

Aline said...

I love them, so beautiful!