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Wednesday, August 15

Lingerie & Fashion: Photos by Ewelina Stechnij

images via here, Photographer Ewelina Stechnij, Stylist Alice Wilby

It's been a while since we featured a lingerie editorial on our blog, and luckily the right lingerie in the right images made it our way.  These photos include lingerie from some of our favorite British designers, such as Lascivious, Ayten Gasson and Ell & Cee.  The photos are by Ewelina Stechnij, whose work we are certain you've seen before if you are a fan of our blogs and Lascivious.  Just as a refresher, we will re-post some of her older work on our Tumblr, so check it out here!

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6 fabulous comments:

Panty Buns said...

Ewelina Stechnij's photos and the lingerie are beautiful and the model is gorgeous! I love her hair, her eye-makeup. I especially love the vintage look of the beautifully cut Lascivious full briefs with suspenders in the first photo and the Kunza Corsetiere in the last one All of the lingerie looks lovely!

Fashion Accessory said...

Nice blog on Fashion Lingerie.I really want to take one.

Coco Bates said...

These photographs are amazing. Although the model has on the most clothes in the second to last photo, the photograph still seems to capture her essence.


Zoe said...
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Unknown said...

Ladies are beautiful beings. And what terrific manner to express this type of splendor is by wearing beautiful lingerie and swimwear. Let your beauty charm others.

Lisa said...

These are elegant and sexy.