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Friday, October 20

What is that lovely scent??

Customers of Faire Frou Frou tend to share one common question...What is that lovely scent in your store? Well, the big secret (okay, it was never a secret) is out: Diptyque Room Spray. Or at least, it's that in combination with our kai candles and Calypso fragrances that we sell. In any event, I typically use the Tuberose scent, whereas my mom comes to the store and uses the Geranium Rosa. I just overdid it with spraying a bit too much fragrance around the shop, and now I have a headache and feel naucious, but I digress.
I order my Diptyque fragrances from Bergdorf Goodman (no sales tax!!), and just recently worked over the phone with a lovely sales associate, Marina, from the Diptyque San Francisco store. She persuaded me to try their signature shampoo which I had no idea about until yesterday. I purchased Eau d'Elide...I can't wait to wash my hair with it tomorrow morning!

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