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Friday, October 20

Genlux Magazine...focus on luxury

Genlux Magazine is a sophisticated, yet approachable magazine about fashion and shopping. The one-year-old publication focuses on the posh LA shopping scene with regular mentions on famed boutiques such as Tracey Ross, Satine, Fred Segal, and so forth.
For the Fall Fashion issue, the magazine was so kind as to do a 6-item lookbook on Faire Frou Frou. Items from Carine Gilson, Guia la Bruna, Fleur T, Skin and Vera Wang were modeled, and all items have since been posted for purchase on Faire Frou Frou's website.
I have quite a few customers who are discovering Genlux for the first time, and I typically describe this magazine to them as being a bit like "C Magazine" in its high-end large glossy format, but with more focus on clothing and shopping. And for those customers who are unfamiliar with "C Magazine", it's a gorgeous publication about California lifestyles that's worth snatching up right away!

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