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Thursday, June 29

Celeb Style...Ashlee Simpson

Here's our customer Ashlee Simpson wearing goods purchased at Faire Frou Frou!
The black wool corset is by the lovely "Cadolle" brand...Ashlee's team added a few frills to it, and I was told that they layered a beautiful Vannina Vesperini bra underneath. Too bad no one can see the bra straps...it's so pretty!
The bottom pictures show Ashlee in Fifi Chachnil. She's wearing the gingham bra and middle corset, layered with the dotted tulle camisole. The middle corset is supposed to be worn on your torso, but she made it into a type of skirt and added a few ruffles to it.
If you're interested, ALL of this is available for purchase at www.fairefroufrou.com, with the exception of the Cadolle corset - we're completely sold out of that piece!

In other entertainment/lingerie news, we just did the costuming for a new movie called "Life" - no big details on the movie yet, but we'll keep you posted. We did dress Kate Hudson in a few pieces for "You, Me & Dupree" several months ago, so it should be interesting seeing Faire Frou Frou in action at the movies this July!

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