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Thursday, December 14

GOLD'n Standard

'Tis the season for gift-giving...and we have found a splendid gift for the person who has it all!
We are proud to present Gold 'N Dulcinea, a specialty brand of handmade drawer sachets that come beautifully wrapped in satin-lined gift boxes.
Each sachet has a custom blended fragrance reflective of its unique design - "from striking florals, exotic fruits, to decadent desserts".
Each sachet is thoughtfully designed using rich fabrics and gorgeous embellishments. Gold 'N Dulcinea has revamped the timeless concept of a sachet by crossing modern luxury with vintage charm.
For example, check out the cute "Button Me Up in Bling" sachet that's made from apple green cashmere and embellished with freshwater pearls and cut crystal beads, and embroidered with the Gold 'N Dulcinea logo and a gold & pearl lapel pin. This piece has the soothing fragrance of violet, gardenia petals, bergamot and rich plum...YUM!
There are also the less 'girly' scents such as the "Smoldering Satin" knotted silk sachet with the fragrance of rich black fig, warm english tea and vanilla.
There are currently 10 designs/fragrances available, all of which can be found at the Gold 'N Dulcinea website. You can also purchase select styles exclusively online at

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