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Tuesday, November 14

Chantal Thomass...coming soon to Los Angeles!!!

We are SO excited to announce that Chantal Thomass lingerie will be arriving at Faire Frou Frou this Spring! This classic French line has long been sought out by our boutique, but Chantal was only selling a 'difusion' (or lower pricepoint) line at Victoria's Secret flagship stores in the U.S. (in addition to Europe). Now the brand is expanding to specialty lingerie boutiques in the U.S., which includes Faire Frou Frou! We have a strong feeling that not too many stores will be carrying this fact, we only know of one other shop in the country that picked it up! Nonetheless, we ordered the Spring 2007 collection this week and saw plenty of frou-frou, frilly, and sexy pieces. Quite a few groups included polka dot patterns which we LOVE, and certainly ordered. We are unable to post the pictures of the new collections just yet, but just take our word that you will love it. Other than the polka dots, we also loved the high-waisted cincher briefs...what that means is that the brief covers you almost up to your waist, with a cinching or corset type of effect of slimming your waistline.
10 new groups will come out this Spring, along with their lovely hosiery line and accessories. We love exciting lines like this that define the look of Faire Frou Frou. Expect to see the new group in our store around late February/March 2007. (all photos courtesy of Chantal Thomass & Ellen von Unwerth).

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