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Tuesday, July 22

Our 200th Post!

It's hard to believe that we are now at our 200th post! When we started the Frou Frou Fashionista back in 2006 we barely knew what a blog was, but we knew it would be a fun outlet where we could share lingerie news. It did take a while for us to warm up to the idea of writing for the blog on a consistent basis because we weren't sure if anyone would read it, but now we're practically writing 1 entry per day (or at least we aspire to)!
Now we see opportunities to write about lingerie all of the time...whether it's about lingerie in fashion/editorial, new arrivals at Faire Frou Frou, a write-up on a brand we're pleased with, or pretty much anything that hints at intimate apparel. We want to show how lingerie can be portrayed in a classy, sophisticated way...we want to share how lingerie can be about fashion, style, fun and sexiness, not just sex (even though it's about that too...but we just don't need to write about it). We want to share how wearing beautiful lingerie is yet another way to accessorize an amazing ensemble.
We truly aspire to make this luxury lingerie blog relevant, and we love what we do so it's a pleasure for us to share our enthusiasm.
We want to thank our readers for their support, and we love the positive feedback we've received! A special thank you goes out to those of you who take the time to leave comments.
We hope you've had as much fun reading this blog as we have writing/researching for it!

from deviantART (not sure which artist, though we tried finding out!)

13 fabulous comments:

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

congrats on 200! this is such a fun blog - I'm sure you'll have tons more :)

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Frou Frou! Thanks so much for this blog. You've helped to show us all how fun and chic, frilly things can be.

Anonymous said...

WooHoo!!! Congrat! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo happy to see your 200th post! WAY TO GO! I'm getting ready to post my 100th post this Friday! Sooo excited!

I have photos to send you soon! ;)

Big Congratulations! I love your blog & store! And, of course, I adore your blog. ;)

Big hugs,


Unknown said...

Thank you ladies! It's our pleasure!

Katie, I'm guessing that Knickers is on its 5000th post - you guys are the lingerie blog pioneers!

Gayvin - I can't believe you're at your 100th post...time flies! I can't wait to see our VH1 pics!!


Anastasia said...

Congrats!! i love the look of your blog...beautiful!!! will definetely be back!

Fifi Flowers said...

Thanks for stopping by my site... I wish I had a personal chef!

Rupert St. said...

Congratulations on reaching this milestone! Your blog is so beautiful and visually inspiring. I'm so glad to have found it :)

Always In Style said...

Congratulations! Keep it up, we'll keep reading :-)

colette rose said...

yay frou frou! i am a big fan of the studio city shop and was so happy to discover your blog. i did a post on my own blog about you, hope you don't mind :)


Tremendous accomplishment. I love your blog and wish you'd post even more....get to it ladies!

Unknown said...

thank you, thank you! we are inspired to write much more!

angeline said...

thank you for the compliment! we live in sherman oaks - i need to pop by your beautiful shop one day. :)