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Thursday, July 17

The PERFECT Bra for A & B Cups!

If you wear an A or B-cup bra, and you are looking for beautifully natural cleavage, then we have the perfect bra for you!
The Little Bra Company (TLBC) specializes in sizes 32-36 A & B, and will soon offer 28 & 30 band sizes. As you know, there are plenty of push-up bras on the market, but what makes TLBC so special is that they are created for the petite frame and therefore offer a better fitting bra with more natural-looking curves.
We just did a fitting with our new arrivals, and love the results! The bras have foam padding and underwire support, and the cups are centered a bit closer together than your average bra so that it creates a beautiful shape.
For those of you interested in purchasing one of TLBC's bras, keep in mind that they are cut on a PETITE SCALE. That being said, you should ROUND UP YOUR TYPICAL BAND SIZE when ordering. If you are between a 32 and 33 band size, you should select a 34 band. Or in other words, if you wear a 32B in other brands, then select a 34B in TLBC (do not change your cup size).
We loved that when the sales rep was showing us the line at Faire Frou Frou, one of our customers bought the bra sample right off of her! She just couldn't wait for our shipment to arrive and loved how amazing the bra made her look (fyi, this was a 34A customer) - now that's a good sign!

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Anonymous said...

That's brilliant! Finally the correct band sizes for petites in the U.S. and you saw the results. Everyone deserves to wear a bra that actually fits.